Doesn't Have Good Credit : Take No Credit Check Auto Loans

by Duglaus Hondo - Date: 2008-06-25 - Word Count: 313 Share This!

The other day you saw a car you longed for but knew you could not afford it. So you just walked away from the place thinking that it is a far away dream. The reason being you don't have enough cash with you and your credit is not all that great for you to get a loan. Now you don't have to feel buying a car is a dream, at least not with the no credit check auto loans.

To get this loan your credit does not act as a hindrance and lenders offer you the loan without checking your credit. So, that is a great advantage. The no credit check auto loan is a secured type of loan where you need to place some security against the loan amount. Normally the car you buy is pledged as collateral against the loan amount. In some special cases you are allowed to pledge your house or some other asset as security against the loan.

You have two options for the loan- short term loan and long term loan. The short term loan as the name suggests is given to you for a short period of time and you need to repay the entire amount by 4-5 years. The interest rate for the short term loan is higher compared to the long term loans. The long term loans give you a long period of time for repayment. The period given is up to 20-25 years. The interest rate is slightly lower.

You can apply for these loans online or you can visit the banks or institutions offering the loans to apply. Online applications are processed faster as compared to conventional applications of loan. You get the loan amount transferred to your account within a period of 5-10 days of application. Use online and offline resources to get good details regarding the lender and the loan before applying.

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