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The Sidekick ID is configured for T-Mobile's myFaves service that allows you to designate 5 people as your favorites and call them as much as you want without using your minutes - and those five can be landlines or cell phone numbers on any carrier. Don't worry - you're not committed to those 5 for the life of your contract. You can rearrange your 5 favorite people up to once a month.

The Sidekick's landscape orientation allows concealment of a wide thumb-pad. Sidekick's keypad is just right for my thumbs, not requiring too much reach. I recall that the original Sidekick's overall width made typing a little more comfortable, at 4.5 inches from side-to-side, but the iD's 5.1 inches don't make Sidekick difficult. Although I won't say Sidekick's necessarily better than a Treo keyboard for its width, I'd be willing to bet it looks less intimidating to a novice.

The Sidekick's interface has gained a few buttons, and has one too many navigator methods. The main navigator, a track ball, is also found on the Sidekick 3. This trackball works great, though. Sidekick's slight texture improves traction. I've been surprised that skin oils haven't made it difficult to use, or changed its color. It's a white translucent plastic that allows T Mobile Sidekick iD to glow and change color (slow flashing blue for standby, flashing purple for an incoming call, for example).

Rolling the ball around can navigate in menus and through emails, but mostly only works up and down. One exception is in pull down menus, where a second flyout menu is accessed with a roll to the right.

Easily the most unique and fun part of the Sidekick is the swing-around screen. Press lightly on the upper right or lower left corners and the screen rises out of the keyboard trough, swings around, and snaps back down into the trough, resting at a slight angle toward the user. Sidekick's not so loud that you get dirty looks in public, but I do recommend keeping it under control when opening it in the nursery. While it seems odd, this method of opening a computing device becomes more natural, and is certainly quicker, than opening a clamshell. Please purchase on online

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