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Olympic-bound middle-distance runner Taylor Milne fielded questions from young athletes yesterday on everything from his backup career plan to the inspiration that led him into running.

"Kids are just funny," Milne, 26, said following an interview with nearly 55 children with the University of Guelph Track and Field Camp at Alumni Stadium. "They usually just say what they are thinking. Sometimes they are just blunt. . . I couldn't believe a kid asked me about my fallback plan."

Milne's response to the young runner was a chuckle, followed by an admission that it's what his parents have been asking him.

Armed with a business degree, Milne said he may try to find work at a shoe company in the future so he can try to stay within the sports industry. However, at this moment his focus is on the Olympic Games set to kickoff in Beijing Aug. 8. Milne will be running in the 1,500-metre event.

"I've made big jumps this year and I think I've got a little more," he said, adding he couldn't predict whether he'd make it to the finals. He said he'd be disappointed if he doesn't get into the semifinals.

"I'm just going to soak it in, get a feel for what it's all about, race my hardest, get experience and learn for the next time," he said.

Milne hopes to qualify for the Olympics again four years from now.

Matthew Scannell, 11, learned that Milne was inspired by cross-country running to get into long distance. Following the question-and-answer session, Scannell said he has a passion for long-distance running as well.

"I think I can pace myself really good," he said. "At the end of the race, I have a bit more energy left so I can pass people."

Scannell said he was impressed that Milne has made it to the Olympics.

"He probably had to train a lot and stick to a schedule, which is probably hard," he said.

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