How To Get in Shape With Weight Loss Exercise

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It has long been established that in order to lose weight, diet and exercise are the two of the key factors that you need to include in your daily life routine. However, many people do not want to join a gym, either because of the expense or because of the fact that they are simply too embarrassed to exercise in front of others. There are, however, certain types of weight loss exercise that can be done at home.

If a person is overweight it is best to consult a physician in order to be able to determine if the types of weight loss exercise that they are planning to begin could be harmful. This is especially true if the person is severely overweight or obese, as cardiac are must be considered before beginning weight loss exercise regimens. As well, if you have had any past medical conditions you should also make sure to consult with your doctor first.

Before beginning your weight loss exercise, it is true for most people, that motivation is the trigger to get the entire process going. Knowing that research has shown a distinct connection between being overweight and heart disease and diabetes should be the inspiration need to begin a weight loss exercise program. If not, thinking about seeing your children and grandchildren growing up without you, or something else personal along those lines, could be.

Specific goals are also needed, and you should write them down and try to be as specific as possible. For example, trying to get more exercise, while a good idea, is not necessary a big enough or specific enough goal; walking 30 minutes for four times a day is a goal. Also offer rewards to yourself for reaching certain milestones. Buying yourself something for losing a certain number of pounds often works and is a good idea for instance.

Home Exercises to Help With Weight Loss

Take a look through department stores for free weights or other exercise equipment as your budget allows, and simple weight loss exercise using a kitchen chair or table can also be used. Also, examine your body to see what your ambition will be in addition to losing weight.

With weight loss exercise you can improve upper body strength or improve mobility in your legs, neck, joints or improve your overall stamina. Improving shoulder mobility, for example, is a low-impact method of weight loss exercise. Simply touch your shoulders with your fingertips, or as high as you can comfortably reach and then rotate your elbows clockwise at least five times. Then repeat in the opposite direction. Continue each rotation, decreasing by one each time until you reach one.

Any weight loss exercise which helps improve muscle tone will be beneficial as it will also burn calories. It has been shown numerous times that increasing physical activity is a very important part of weight loss and in maintaining weight, and increased muscle mass allows the body to burn more calories and helps the body respond to insulin.

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