Kettle Bell Madness!

by Callie Durbrow - Date: 2010-11-10 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

Looking for a great way to incorporate some weight training into your usual workout routine? Are you afraid of getting too bulky? Are you afraid to walk into that corner of the gym with the guys with bulging muscles lifting huge weights that are bigger than you? Intimidated by the women bodybuilders in your gym? I've got some answers that might help you out.

I'm a Boston-based fitness expert with Durbrow Performance Personal Training, and I've got some great ideas on kettlebell workouts for women. There is so much that you can do with kettlebells to get and keep your heart rate going and get that body that you dream about.

First and foremost, figure out which weight is best for you to use. It can vary depending on the person and the workout. Consult a fitness professional for most accurate thoughts on this.

Kettlebell situp - This move is basically the beginning of the Turkish getup. Lay down on the floor with your feet together. Hold the kettlebell in the air over your head with one hand. Using only your abs, push yourself from a laying down position to a sitting position.

Kettlebell swings - Position the kettlebell between your legs and hold it with both hands. You should be standing up with your feet shoulder width apart. Starting from a squat, swing the kettlebell into the air. Primary use the power from your squat to propel you up, and not your wrists. Lower the kettlebell to back between your legs. Repeat this numerous times. Make sure to also activate the muscles in your back.

Kettlebell swing with shuffle - Execute the same exercise as above. However, this time, you will move between swings. Each time you take a swing, take a step, one foot at a time, to the right. Once you have gone numerous times to the right, start taking steps to the left. Make sure that you do the same amount on each side so that your body will be balanced. Also, time it so that you move while the kettlebell is in the air.

Turkish get-ups - Lay down on the ground holding the kettlebell above your head with your left hand. Still holding the kettle bell above your head, come to a sitting position using your abs as the primary method to get your body upright. Put your left leg up in a 90 degree position. Slide the right leg under. Come to a full standing position, still with the kettle bell above your head. Now, we'll go back to a laying down position. Drop your right knee to the ground. Swing your left leg behind it. You should still be sitting up. Then lower yourself back to the floor. This is a great kettlebell workout for women.

Kettlebell stand up - Put the kettle bell on the ground between your feet. You should be standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift the kettlebell using both hands from the floor to the center of your chest. Then, push the kettle bell up even further using both hands until it is in the air. Lower the kettlebell back to chest level. Then, lower it to the ground, using your thighs to push into a squat down with it. Rinse and repeat!

Callie Durbrow is a strength coach and personal trainer in Boston, Massachusetts specializing in fat loss workout. She currently trains clients to lose body fat, gain strength, and challenge their bodies with each session. Her training style is a combination of conventional strength work, modified strongman training, and overall conditioning. Visit her at to find out more about personal training and small group training.n
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