6 Professional Resume Tips: Know What Human Resources Really Want

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If you know what Human Resources professionals want, you will have a better chance to be the next candidate called for an interview. Professional resume tips will definitely give you that much needed edge!

Professional resume tips #1 - Size really does matters

The length of your resume will be partially determined by how much working experience that you have, but length prevents your resume from standing out.

If you are new jobseeker or just do not have much experience in the field in which you are applying, Human Resources staff prefer to see just a one page resume. This is a brief way to sum up the qualities and work experience that you do have without wasting their time.

Of course, if you more experienced in the position for which you are applying, a two page resume may be more suitable. Of course, if you are just listing things to make the resume longer, you may not have the outcome you would like.

The bottom line is to be as brief as possible without ommitting something that the Human Resource people would like to know.

Professional resume tips #2 - Are the dates consistent

Many resume writers are worried about whether or not to alter the dates of their different jobs just to make a seamless chronology of their work history.

First of all, that is being dishonest. And you do not want to begin a new job with a lie that could be discovered.

Second of all, HR professionals prefer to see the gaps of your work history and how these breaks were filled by you. Perhaps you had a newborn baby or there was a family crisis that caused you to leave your career for a period of time. Whatever the reason, just be ready to explain the gaps.

Professional resume tips #3 - Discussing your previous positions

What you might need to do is describe positions that are related to the one that you are applying for. While you will still be asked how long you were in each position, showing the relevance is much more helpful to the HR people.

You must give your positions their correct titles or ones that express the same idea. Manager and Supervisor are frequently used interchangeably. For example, supervisor sounds slightly more professional.

As long as you are not fabricating titles, you are fine to smooth out their wording.

Professional resume tips #4 - What are your accomplishments

Hiring managers need to know what you have already done for your previous employers. You should have all the facts and figures that you could quote and discuss. Did you increase sales? Did you save the company money? Provide the HR person with things in black and white and you will see that you get better responses.

Discuss the positive things that you have done for your previous employers, and if there were any negative situations, find the positive side in them in case you are asked.

Professional resume tips #5 - Cover letter please.

Do you really need a cover letter? In many cases, hiring managers like to see something that demonstrates your individual personality. After several resumes, they will begin to look the same. This is not to say that you should begin with a something funny or send a photo of yourself, but you should use a cover letter to provide some indication of the kind of employee you are.

You want to show that you know what kinds of responsibilities is expected of you if hired and that you fully comprehend the goals of the company.

Show them that you really want this job and that you are more than ready for the challenge.

Professional resume tips #6 - 100% error free

Simple errors in grammar and spelling will hurt your chances of getting hired in any higher position. Take the extra time to have someone proof read your resume to make sure that you sound and look professional.

Just remember that hiring managers only have a limited time to read every resume that they receive. Get right to the point and your resume will get you the interview.

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