Low Interest Rate Bridging Loans Examined

by Damian Youell - Date: 2007-04-22 - Word Count: 461 Share This!

Some illustrations when you may need to bridge a financial gap!

Circumstance 1 - A business is moving premises - Unfortunately normally you can't close your main business until your new plant or premises have been prepared with machinery or the necessary equipment to function properly. In these cases Low Interest Rate low interest bridging loans credit can be used to provide temporary cash until your new premises are functioning and the old premises sold.

Circumstance 2 - A business needs to raise cash fast - In this instance a business may need to buy out a competitor or expand it's existing business and it doesn't have time to wait for a commercial mortgage or business loan. Bridging finance can normally be raised in as little as 2 or 3 days.

Circumstance 3 - A company needs to purchase stock - If a companies liquidity is low and it doesn't have enough to buy a bargain lot of stock then low interest bridging loans can be used a temporary financial fix.

Circumstance 4 - Purchasing a property at auction - With land and property auctions it is normal that transfers of funds take place very shortly after an auction ends. If you have no commercial mortgage or loan in place then bridging finance is a perfect short term solution.

Circumstance 5 - Venture capital - Many entrepreneurs us this type of credit to take advantage of deals where money is needed now not in a couple of weeks. Because of the speed that these loans can be arranged in they are perfect for this type of application.

Circumstance 6 - Any legal reason - If you have another use for commercial, domestic or any reason whatsoever then you'll be glad to know that you can use this type of credit for any reason provided that it is legal.

From the above you can see the kind of uses for low interest bridging loans, but the uses are as varied as the people who need the finance. If you like the sound of this kind of credit and think you may benefit from bridging loans then on the footer you can find links to a site which offers cheap bridging loans for all circumstances.

One of the main concerns for people is the cost, but to give you an indication lets assume that you need a bridging loan of say 200000 for a 3 month period at 1% would cost you 6000. Many factors such as security offered and a customers risk profile can give a lower or higher rate. Interest rates vary depending on the security offered and your credit file.

Many people don't apply for low interest bridging loans because they expect to be rejected, or have already been turned down by their mortgage lender. You may be surprised though as we can accept applications from applicants with County Court Judgements.

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