Baptism Invitations: the In's and Out's of Baptism Invitations for the New Believer

by Jeff Fain - Date: 2008-10-16 - Word Count: 385 Share This!

Baptism invitations are mailed out on the occasion of a pivotal event in a child's life.  When an infant is formally introduced to the church, he or she will sometimes be baptized by the preacher, in water, or just sprinkled lightly with water, in full view of the whole congregation.  The parents, audience, and pastor, preacher, or minister are all involved, and interact within, the baptism's proceedings.  Replies, requests, and answers are all stated formally, according to church by-laws and denominational practices.

Sometimes, however, baptism invitations don't need to be sent out at all.  If you have a really close-knit group of believers and friends in your church that usually attend church, then they'll be there by default to see the baptism during the Sunday services.  Most everyone can become introduced to the child at once.

Baptism invitations need to be sent out if you're freelancing with a pastor of a church you're not a regular member of, and you want all of your friends and family to show up.  The invitations speak volumes about how serious you are about the event.  A cute elaborate cursive script says that you feel wonderful and happy about the event, and you're not taking your selves too seriously.  Convey a sense of tone and purpose into the invitation - alongside obligatory inclusions like baby name, day, date, time, place, and location, and the all-important addition of "gree punch and pie".

The main thing you need to remember when hosting a baptism is that you bring a video camera so the child can watch his first religious moment when he reaches adulthood.  Of course, the event will have zero effect of his salvation or soul because we are saved by belief, and that's what the Bible says.

People can also have a thank you note appended to the invitation that just expresses great thanks for helping take care of the child and always being there for the whole family.  The interesting thing about the whole process is that you're able to customize it to your needs.  You can host it in a lake or a river, outside or inside, wherever and whenever and however you choose.  It can be with or without a pastor, preacher, or minister because anyone who believes in Christ can baptize someone else.  So have fun with your baptism invitations.

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