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The legendary Gene Simmons, the face of the band Kiss is as famous today as he was in the 70s. The oversized costumes and cartoon-horror movie make up of the band was a rage and still sends crazed fans into a frenzy! Ear splitting amplified music, songs praising sex and Gene Simmons with his fire spitting and tongue sticking on-stage persona gave birth to a merchandising that is surprisingly a multi-million business venture. No doubt then youngsters still look for a Gene Simmons Make up for parties and Halloween!

Some simple steps to a Gene Simmons make up for rocking the party may be handy:
Scour your closet for duds that are anywhere near the Bass God. Any black pants would be good.
Apply clown make up or the white paint for make up. Use a sponge for applying to your face and to smoothen the paint.
Use a black eye liner to draw the outline of the mask. Various websites can give you ideas on the Kiss masks and make up. Any number of fan websites can help you here.
Fill in these outlines with black paint or make up.
Draw an upside down triangle on your fore head using the eye liner, keeping the base at your hairline and the tip almost halfway down your forehead.
Fill in the triangle with black paint or make up.
If you have thick hair, tousle them for the Gene Simmons look or simply get a wig.
Layer cut the hair or the wig and provide body to it with a hairspray!

These Gene Simmons make up points are sure to get you ready for the party and is quite attention grabbing. Complete the look with a pair of pants and Lycra tank top in black. Platform boots in big sizes in black or silver, a cape, spiky cuffs at your wrists and a studded choker and all you would need is a wish you could sing and play like the band. Oh, and you cannot forget to really stick your tongue out and if you could also spit fire, al the ladies are definitely going to flock at you.

This was not the first look Gene Simmons had; the make up went through a lot of phases though it always was centered on the demonic look. He began with painting the Face white with red under the eyes. By 1973, the look we know and love today was slowly piecing together, he now had a black triangular shape resembling Bela Lugosi's hairstyle from the Dracula movie. Batwings around the eyes were taking shape, and by late summer they had tips pointing upwards. During the love gun tour, Gene had dropped the two upper points of the batwings to the tip of his nose.

Gene Simmons make up kept altering and refined over all the different tours. With or without the variations, Gene's make up and on stage persona was always a topic of discussion and has been for all these years. Never in the history of music industry has a lead vocalist's make up and costumes or his persona has been imitated for so many decades and with the same frenzy!

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