A Teeth Whitening Comparison for the Hollywood Bound

by Harry J. Andersohn - Date: 2009-05-22 - Word Count: 568 Share This!

OK, actually this article will benefit you whether or not you are actually "Hollywood bound." I was watching some DVDs the other night, and I noticed that almost all actors have completely perfect and sparkling white teeth. Have you ever noticed how different actors' teeth are from anything you see in normal life?

One thing you can take to the bank is that most of these actors are almost always getting their teeth whitened. I did a teeth whitening comparison myself to find out how to get the stunning good looks that all the actors in LA manage to have.

There are many products you can buy, but not all of them will actually give you the consistent white teeth that you see with the actors in Hollywood. That much you should already know, right?

But now here's the thing. I found out that you can actually get THE VERY SAME teeth whitening system the stars use -- and I'm not getting here, the very same one -- and you can get it for free.

Now, you need to know a little trick about how this works, and I'll get to that in a second. But I promise, if you'll just stay tuned to this story until the end, I'll show you how to do it step by step.

But first, I want to just say that many times when I see a beautiful actress in a movie, I take her looks very much in stride. What did she really look like before all the cosmetic surgery? God only knows what her teeth might have looked like before the teeth whitening process. I'm just not that nave.

Quite a few of my friends just automatically assume that if an actress looks beautiful on the big screen, she always looked that good. I'm always telling them that they're being pretty gullible. Much of what we see is brought to us by the magic of Hollywood trickery and things like teeth whitening.

Plus, have you ever seen some of those Hollywood before-and-after photos? I'll be polite and won't name any names of actresses I've seen in these photos. Let's just say that these photos of these actors and actresses are funny, and at the same time shocking. Often before the right lights and special effects, actors have acne and brownish teeth. The editors go in and fix many of these flaws in the editing process.

Obviously, the Hollywood actors have the money to afford the best teeth whitening, so that is why their teeth always look flawless. But what if we want to get the same results at home without breaking the bank?

Well, as I said above, we're getting to that point exactly.

My wife never had plastic surgery and she looks great. I knew her when she was pretty young, and can verify that her good looks are natural. In fact, she even looks good when she rolls out of bed in the morning. Yes, she probably is reading this article. Now I can get off the hook if I forget her birthday this year. (Just kidding, honey.)

My teeth whitening comparison below will help you if you are interested in going out to Hollywood and auditioning for TV and movies, or if you just want to look as good as a LA actor.

The great news is that everyone who wants white teeth, should be able to have white teeth now -- and for a tiny fraction of what the stars use.

Now we get to the good stuff! Go to this Teeth Whitening Comparison page now. You'll get the complete lowdown on which systems work best, and a neat little trick (yes, it's completely legal) you can use to get it for free. Also see this Teeth Whitening Comparison article.n
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