Making Money Online: Three Key Factors That Guarantee Success

by Adrian Ng - Date: 2007-05-14 - Word Count: 723 Share This!

When you surf the Internet nowadays, you would have surely come across websites or emails screaming out loud - "Make money while you sleep!", "Make millions in minutes!", "Mint cash while you are relaxing in your pajamas/underwear at home!", and lines like that.

9 times out of 10, these lines will easily hook you in immediately. And, once you are hooked in, you will be enticed with photographs of under-25 year old kids in their own private yachts, yuppies driving the latest Mercedes Benz Sports model, etc. - luxuries that the websites will say these Richie Riches purchased from the obscene money they earned by joining these "Get Rich Quick" websites.

Get rich promises such as these, and misleading but enticing web copies are pure banana oil and the photographs you see may not be the real thing - most likely they are pictures of yuppies on the dole who are desperate to make a few bucks themselves. If you have signed up for such a scheme, then nothing could be further from the truth but for the fact that you have been dealt a sucker punch. And you will be sure to see your hard-earned money being flushed down the drain because the "get rich quick" site loaded you with stuff that is impossible-to-sell.

So where do you go from here?

You want to make money online but now you have been told that the guys who are filling your ears with "get rich" promises are hanging around on the web trying to get rich themselves! Are there any chances that an excited Internet entrepreneur can become successful then?

The answer is a resounding "YES!"

Any Internet entrepreneur can realise his dream into reality provided he sticks to the tasks and builds in the following 3 key factors into his online business model.

Key Factor # 1: Invest Time

An Internet entrepreneur has to put in some time into his site. An average 2 hours per day must be invested into the site on adding content, checking statistics, building links, maintenance, marketing the site, submitting it to directories, etc.
The results are sure to follow - but not immediately. The entrepreneur must have the patience for at least 4-6 months for the money to start rolling in.

Key Factor # 2: Invest Money

The only thing that you can expect for free is oxygen - and even that's running out nowadays.

So, if you are an Internet entrepreneur and are serious about doing business online then you must invest money in it. A good website has to be neatly designed and flawlessly programmed. The domain name needs to be purchased, the website needs to be hosted on a robust server, the site needs to be marketed and payment gateways need to be built in.

The good news is that designing and hosting a well-built business online does not cost as much as it used to a year back. To be realistic, it will cost you a few hundred bucks (excluding marketing costs) or so to set up an online presence, but this money is worth spending. If you do not invest any money into your website, you will get back nothing in return.

Key Factor # 3: Invest in Knowledge

If you are new to the Internet, and if you are hell-bent on establishing an online business, then you have to learn how Internet technologies work and you must keep yourself up-to-date with the latest Internet trends.

Of course, no one is asking you to learn programming languages, but you must at least know what they are all about and how they can help turn your website into a user-friendly one.

Think about an Internet business as another profession, for example, a doctor's profession. If you want to become a doctor, don't you have to go through the grind before you can truly become a good one? The same logic applies to an Internet business too.

These are the 3 key factors that can help you succeed in your online mission. Go right ahead and develop that killer website you feel will make you a success story on the Internet - but go about it with a business-like approach and not as a casual hobby. Only when you treat it like a business, then you can expect to make full time income out of it. Keep in mind the 3 key factors listed above and in time, you will come out trumps.

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Adrian Ng is an Internet Marketer who believes in the power of networks. He co-founded Internet Success Network, and is inspired to help average folks achieve success on the Internet. Find out more at and

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