Living Room Furniture In Classic, Traditional Styles

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The ancient Chinese system of aesthetics known as feng shui has recently had a rebirth in the Western world. Feng shui is a system used by some Chinese used to orient their buildings in order to maximize positive energy and redirect negative energy.

Today feng shui has been adapted in the West as an interior design technique. There are some who criticize the practice as being watered down from its original form and others who say it was a bunch of superstitious nonsense from the beginning. But one thing is for sure, whether you believe that feng shui works or not, the furniture you have in your house and how it is arranged affects both your daily life and how others perceive you.

Sometimes when you move into a place, it just feels like home. Other times it may take you a little while to settle in as you rearrange and try a variety of new setups. When people come into your home they will each have different impressions depending on their personalities. Some will find it cozy; others may find it sparse and cold.

The important thing is that you purchase living room furniture and arrange it in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. Here are a few suggestions for classic pieces of furniture that should fit right in with any contemporary living space.

Brownstone Italian Leather Reclining Sofa and Armchair Set

Few things fit right into any living room more seamlessly than a big, comfortable leather recliner. It is the perfect way to kick back and watch football all day with a bowl of chips on your belly. The nice thing about this set, however, is that one section of the matching sofa also has a recliner. So if you have some friends over to watch the big game at least one other person will have a nice, comfy reclining seat.

The brown leather upholstery is packed with dense and plush foam cushions that provide the maximum in comfort and stability. The sofa itself measures 82 inches wide by 38 inches deep and 40 inches tall. The armchair is 42 inches wide by 38 inches deep and 40 inches tall. This is a great set to fill out any living room or rec room.

Monaco Dark Brown Premium Italian Leather Sofa and Loveseat

A recliner is great for solitary channel flipping, but if you and your significant other like to invite couples over for dinner parties, it is nice to have a place where you can sit and mingle afterwards. This sofa and loveseat set will make the perfect area to fall back to after you've eaten to chit chat, have some cocktails, and to laugh the night away.

The sleek style and neutral brown color of this set will make it easy to match with your existing décor. It is constructed with a hardwood frame so it will be solid for years to come. This sofa set is delivered by professional movers who will carry it up to two flights of stairs to the room of your choice. They will set it up for you and even remove all of the packing materials.

Five-tier Antique Black Ladder Shelf

One of the most interesting things about visiting someone else's house is exploring what they have on their shelves. You get to check out the photos they chose to display, the books they've been reading, and their taste in weird knick-knacks and collectables. Shelves in your living space offer a great way to give people a glimpse into who you are.

This ladder-style shelf has five different tiers for displaying your treasures. It is made of solid wood and has a black antique finish. The measurements for this gorgeous display shelf are 72 inches tall by 25 inches across and 17 inches deep at the lowest point.

Vanderbilt Leather Look Storage Ottoman

An ottoman is a great addition to your living room because of the many purposes it can serve. You can use it to prop up your feet or use it as an extra seat for when you have friends over. This ottoman has the extra feature of a hidden storage space where you can keep your remote controls, magazines, or board games.

The upholstery of this Vanderbilt ottoman is a microfiber suede fabric made to simulate the look and feel of leather. The lift top even comes equipped with a child safety hinge. This convenient and stylish ottoman will be sure to pull your family room together.

The living room furniture in your house will always be used for a multitude of purposes. It is where you will hang out with friends, host your movie nights, and sometimes just sit in a chair and read a book. But whatever your activities are, you are going to want to enjoy them in style and comfort. All of these products are great ways to build up to the cohesive and relaxing whole that is your common living area.

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