Five Classics For Fall Fashion

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Each fall there are several key items that most fashion gurus would refer to as: classics. These fall classics seem to not only mix and match with most current collections, but offer many more options for future purchases. With the cool autumn breeze sweeping in, here are the top five classics for fall fashion this season:

Turtleneck: Necklines are always evolving, from the cowl to the henley, but the turtleneck has withstood the test of time for many reasons. The turtleneck creates a blank canvas for the rest of your outfit. Turtlenecks also make the colors in your hair and the shades of your makeup pop.
Simple and sleek, this piece has been worn by the greats, such as: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman. Pulling the visual focus to your face, these seductive simplicities also keep out the cool airs of the fall season.

Tall Boots: Tall boots always dress up a denim look, and even wear into the winter months. While keeping your feet warm, they keep your look fresh. Boots can appear to be another layer, if applying a layered look for the day. They also look phenomenal with tights, skirts or dresses, while keeping the cold air off of your skin. Whether your boots have buckles and straps, or are smooth and simple, this footwear is a must-have for fall.

Vest: The variety in types of vests range from leather to knit. As another piece of the layer technique, a vest can keep your body nice and warm, while still leaving your arms free and comfortable. Longer vests can make for a slimming look, while vests that rest just above the hip can be left unbuttoned for a relaxed effect. Silk, fur and printed vests can dress up a shirt and pants combo. Anyway you wear them they are definitely in, and flexible, for any look you are creating for fall.

Solid White Shirt: This classic compliments almost all avenues of a wardrobe. Whether layering this item with a vest, additional shirt, tank, or sweater; the possibilities are endless. Cuffing long sleeves, or buttoning them down can also create two completely different approaches to your day. A crisp choice for career-gear or a casual look for a night on the town, the solid white shirt will work.

Leather Bag: It always seems that the bigger the bag, the better - There is always something new to carry, whether an umbrella or a large wallet. Some women are even using their large leather bags as a modern diaper bag for children's needs. Leather bags are now available in a number of colors, designs and sizes. A fun and trendy accessory for any fall combination, a leather bag is a must for this upcoming season.

Fall is a fun and exciting portion of the year-round season change. The crisp air allows for a variety of looks and accessorizing options. With simple classic pieces, this fall can be a fantastic reason to check out your online boutiques.

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