Microsoft Dynamics AX - Axapta - technical notes plus customization

by Andrew Karasev - Date: 2006-12-28 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

Axapta or current name Microsoft Dynamics AX has one of the newest ERP design and architecture among Microsoft Business Solutions, Oracle and SAP ERP families.  Microsoft Axapta targets upper mid-market and would like to suggest you consider Axapta even if you represent large corporation – the idea of using one-step-down ERP is great and is in the stream of current ideas about deploying reliable MRP, sitting in excellent database platform and customize it for your specific needs, rather then paying for high-end ERP and use only portion of the functionality available (and in this case already paid for).  Axapta customization options, such as MorphX/X++, SQL database scripting, end-user tuning and customization tools, to name a few.  Currently Microsoft Business Solutions promotes Axapta in all the traditional (USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand) and new/emerging markets: East Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Latin America.  Among other market niches, Axapta is targeting multinational corporations, when they have to implement ERP, automating headquarters in Germany, France, Belgium, Canada and their overseas manufacturing subsidiaries: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela.  We are launching a set of technical articles about Axapta, MorphX/X++ with sample coding and customization scenarios.  In this article you will see the introduction.

Recent VAR Incentives.  2004/2005.  This was the time, when major US VARs decided to invest into Axapta consultants training & certification.  At the same time we could see certain signs from Microsoft, when it localized Axapta for challenging emerging regional markets, such as Brazil, where taxation is complicated and unique.  In December 2005 Microsoft demoed Axapta in São Paulo office to local partners – mostly specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision implementation.

UK & Europe.  Navision Software has traditionally strong positions in Europe, and this is not a surprise, that we see very good market redistribution signs, giving green light to Axapta sales & implementations.  Microsoft partners, traditionally strong in Navision heading into Axapta promotion to their prospects and existing clientele.

LATAM & Brazil.  Axapta has advantages when we consider corporate clients, especially manufacturing, drilling & mining facilities of multinational corporations and international mid-size companies,  Very good interest is seen in Venezuela (oil drilling), Columbia (textile), Bolivia (timber), Chili and Argentina.

What is the next?  When Oracle is in the process of launching its Fusion project, to some extend resembling Microsoft Project Green or Currently Microsoft Dynamics project, SAP R/3 has Mendocino initiative with Microsoft, Microsoft itself has very good chances to open up corporate ERP market with Microsoft Dynamics AX - Axapta

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