How To Select The Right Dress In The Right Color

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Selecting the right colours for your dresses is not a trivial decision but an important one. The colour should blend with your skin tone and bring out your personality. Colours play an important part in boosting your confidence and carrying the style with elegance. Incorrect colours may ruin your look and you will end up looking average even in a great dress. As recession has set in the downbeat mood fashion designers are using colours which will go with the mood. Also the materials used by the designers for their collections are cheap so that it is affordable. Let us look at the colour trends this season.

Black - you can never go wrong with this choice. It never goes out of fashion and suits everyone for any occasion. Designers usually include at least one dress in the classic colour, black. Black suits all skin colours and women of all size and shapes. Trends have come and gone but black has never gone out of any designer's collection.

Grey - as recession set in, grey colour was used by many designers to signify the tone. But there were very interesting outfits and designers used grey in various tints, hues and tones. Cold and sparkling metallic grey is used which when combined with other colours like black, grey, browns brought out a gorgeous combination. Black and White - the classic combination suits all age groups and goes with most occasions. The white mellows down the dark effect of black and together they strike a perfect balance.

Pastels - subtle shades of colours are in fashion this season. You can match the dress colour with your eye colour to bring out an attractive impression. Red - bold, flirty, and sexy comes to your mind when you think of red. Mainly chosen by outgoing people this colour needs that confidence and pride to carry an outfit in red. Burgundy - a rich wine flavor of red. Mostly selected by an older age group this colour is classy and richer than red. If you want people to notice you then burgundy is the colour. Burgundy is a very attractive colour which can make a great evening gown. Orange, the colour of autumn.

Pink - the most feminine colour of all. You can ask any girl about her favorite colour and the chances are that most of the times she will say 'pink'. Blue - a very calm and cool colour. Blue is normally associated with tranquility. Green - colour of life. In the days of global warming green is a colour that is soothing to the eyes.

You will find these colours used widely in the designer's collections for the forthcoming season. Our advice to you is to pick the right colour for the right occasion and the right cuts to suit your body shape. So now that the colour scheme for this season is known go indulge yourself and buy some special outfits featuring this seasons colours.

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