Scotland's New Number One Tourist Attraction in Glasgow

by Scott Docherty - Date: 2007-03-06 - Word Count: 349 Share This!

In July 2006, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum re-opened following a three-year refurbishment programme. Within six months, it overtook Edinburgh Castle as Scotland's number one tourist attraction.

Why's that then?

Well, it's all about numbers, really. Before the refurb, it was pulling in about 1 million visitors each year, which is a pretty impressive figure itself. By the start of 2007 though, this amazing Glasgow attraction had turned itself into some kind of architectural magnet, drawing in an outstanding two million patrons in only half a year. I mean how about that for a turnaround?

The thing is, with museums and galleries and the like, in my opinion Glasgow just appears to get it right. And the Kelvingrove? Well, I don't think I could be accused of over-egging the pudding if I stated that it could command a place in any list of global attractions you cared to draw up.

The Kelvingrove houses a pretty breathtaking array of items, not least of which includes Dali's Christ of St. John on the Cross, but also draws in many visitors to see stunning things (yeah, I call them 'things' - very arty of me I know!) like Van Gogh's Alexander Reid portrait, Mary Cassatt's The Sisters, the Sarcophagus of PaBaSa, L.S. Lowry's V.E. Day, Avril Paton's majorly popular Windows in the West, and of course Sir Roger the stuffed Elephant, who lived in Glasgow Zoo until 1900 when he was shot for bad behaviour (sounds pretty barbaric I know, but the story was that his aggressive attitude had been making it crazily dangerous to be near the old fella).

The exhibits themselves are complimented by the mere artistry of the building around them, but you really have to step through its historic doors to feel its breathtaking presence.

I go into more detail about the place on my site, but I'd really recommend just going there for yourself, throwing the guidebooks in the trash, and breathing in for a few hours one of the world's most hidden treasures and its own treasures within. Just try and remember your camera...

Number 1 in Scotland - you bet it deserves it!

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