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by Muthu Velu - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 499 Share This!

Keep in touch

There's nothing like a phone call to keep in touch with loved ones. Nowadays there are new ways of communicating without even having to pick up a phone, we can fax or even send off an email. But nothing beats the phone, you get a response to your questions instantly, and it's a really personal form of communication.

Phone cards are provided by many different companies you prepay for a certain amount of credit and can use it to make phone calls until that credit runs out. There are a lot of reasons for phone cards, you can get cheap long distance calling, or you could give it to your child so they are always able to keep in touch.

There are also phone cards that offer fantastic savings for international calling. I use an international phone card on almost a daily basis to keep in touch with my son who lives in Australia (because he doesn't seem bothered to phone his dear old mum).

You don't have to call somewhere as far a field as Australia to justify using a phone card in fact it makes sense to use a phone card with pretty much any long distance call.

There are some companies that provide very unreliable phone cards, it's important to remember that not all phone cards are equal, try to buy from a reliable and well known company. Some cards are always busy, what's the point of having money on a card if you can't use it? Look on the internet review sites to try to find a great card, or go with a company like that you already know.

You pay your phone bill after you've used the service, so it is quite easy to run up a huge bill, especially if you often make long distance calls. A phone card works like a pay-as-you go mobile phone, you can only use the money you have put on your card. This makes it very easy to make sure you don't spend too much, and you can keep an eye on what you're spending before you've spent it.

There are two disadvantages of using a phone card to make calls. Firstly, you must enter the phone cards phone number before you can enter the number you want to dial. There is of course a solution for this, if you intend to use the phone card from home then you can use phone card auto-dialer which you plug in-between your phone and phone line. Even in some public payphones it's actually possible to put the card into the phone, which will save you having to dial the number first. Another disadvantage is that many of the phone cards will give the wrong caller ID number to the person you are phoning. This could mean your phone call will be ignored because they do not recognize the number.

There's really nothing like a phone call, I suggest you look into phone cards today they could well save you a lot of money.

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