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by Dhruv Patel - Date: 2010-10-29 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

There are numerous people who are shifting towards online business and for this purpose they do create rich websites and host them on efficient hosts. The matter of fact is that if there is no audience for their website then all of their efforts are hopeless. So you strongly need traffic for your website. For this purpose, there are a lot of strategies that are being utilized by experts to draw massive traffic to their website. One of the best ways include email marketing. Other ways involve indirect contact with the audience but with email marketing you do the direct contact with your customers and prospects. Email marketing require a list contacts that can be built easily with the help sqeeze page. Once you create a list it becomes There are few things that you should always kept in mind while designing your email template for your prospects and customers.

It is a matter of fact that whenever we open our email box we do delete all spam emails without reading. It is considered that these spam emails are total waste of time. So if you do really want exclude from spam email list then you should never use images or rich contents for your email. You can design a template in text format so that it may easily pass from spam filters. You can provide an easy redirection click to your offers. You should provide interesting and informative content to keep the interest of reader alive until he keeps reading your email message. If you get succeed then they will eagerly wait for your email message. If you are not providing interesting content then your reader will surely mark your email as spam and all of your efforts will be wastes.

If you have figured out and really wanting to do email marketing then you strongly need to build a big list. For this you can place a section anywhere in your website. By offering them your newsletters, you can easily get their name and email addresses. Your list will grow with the number of growing customers and visitors. It is a matter of fact that when people do want to hear from you then they would surely register to get your newsletters. With this, you can easily remind them about their last visit. You can also put offer some valuable information. By putting a sqeeze page, you can easily allow visitors and customers to visit your page after entering their name and email address in the sqeeze page to access that information. With this way you can easily build a huge list of your visitors.

You should always provide the right information to the right persons. You should also send email messages that are related to your niche. You can send email related to new additions and offers that are being provided by your website. You can also inform them about the best selling products. You should always design your email message according to people's interest. For this, you can also integrate a questionnaire section in your website.

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