What a Scam or Review Looks Like in Network Marketing

by Richard van Beek - Date: 2008-04-21 - Word Count: 481 Share This!

You've found the perfect network marketing program to bring more money your way, or at least you hope you have. But how can you know whether the information you have found is reliable? You need to discern if it is a scam or review. Read between the lines and ask questions to find out whether what you are being told is covering up a suspicious scheme or giving you a real first-hand review.

1. What exactly are we selling here? If there's not a clear answer here, look elsewhere. You need to be selling the real product that you and others can believe in. Do you really want to make your money just from taking the money of people who sign up under you? Make sure there is a demand for your product so that the program has a customer base that will draw real income.

2. Where and how are we advertising and selling it? Avoid a program that resorts to preying upon unsuspecting souls that are desperate for cash or some other miracle. "Too good to be true" means you are probably looking at a scam. You should also receive a response in a timely manner when you contact the program with questions or marketing support issues.

3. How soon will I be getting my checks? Whatever money you have to invest you should be able to earn back in a relatively short time ' a month or less. Scams might insist you wait for much longer before you earn anything. Or they might promise you amazing amounts of money in an unbelievably short time—just long enough to take your money and run.

4. How is the company looking to sign me up? Don't rush to join a networking program that focuses almost exclusively on getting you to become a sales affiliate without mentioning the product. It is much more likely to be a legitimate opportunity if the company is trying to win you as a customer first. Happy customers make the best product representatives. Respectable companies know this and recruit their customers.

Asking enough questions and getting answers that add up are what you must pursue if you want a legitimate network marketing opportunity. What you come across on the internet may be a dishonest scam or review from a well-meaning person, depending on what information you are and are not given. You should be able to find reports somewhere on the internet from people who list the pros and/or cons of a particular program they have joined. Combine those reviews with how the program is marketing itself. Ethical marketers do not mislead prospects or conceal how they are actually set up to many money. Find a network marketing program that clearly reveals what they are marketing and tells exactly how they are designed to help people who sign up earn commissions and turn a profit by selling products via their network marketing system.

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