Lack of dialogue with kids

by Mike Dionne - Date: 2007-02-20 - Word Count: 305 Share This!

This is a very normal situation in modern times. Kinds get into their rooms and close the door, is very difficult to us to realize what exactly they are doing. Nowadays they have access to different types of information, like TV programs, radio, internet, etc.

Is very important that parents know what our kids are doing, what are they real needs, witch are they feelings. Often we try to talk with them and we don't get it. It's not our fault, it's not their fault, is just that because of the different ages is not very easy to maintain fluid communication along time.

Perhaps you have the strange feeling that your kid is not passing a good time, perhaps is just a feeling, but because you are a responsible father/ mother you worry about. As I told you before, kids now have access to very different types of information. You can know take advantage of that. Thanks to the new technologies, new services are appearing every day through the net. Now the people use to think that the net is a secure place where to use our credits cards. So, perhaps you are wondering of witch service I am talking about. Did you ever hear something about e-therapy?. This kind of professional assistance is meant to solve this, and a lot more, kind of problems. It can give you another perspective, another point of view, of this situation.

It's very common to see kids having better dialogue with their therapist rather than with their own parents. It's also common to see parents feeling hopeless because of this lack of dialogue with them. So, the most important thing here is your kid health. Take a look on the web and you will find several sites offering several kind of services, believe me, it worth the effort.

Mike Dionne

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