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Safeguarding the content on a CD or a DVD is something very important and very often the compulsory part of the process of software publishing or any other. Unfortunately, copy protection is not something easy to do and requires equipment and more.

Companies have always used copy protection to safeguard their work but some critics argue about the name and think it should actually be called copy prevention or even copy control, since it is exactly what it is doing.

When choosing the company that will do your CD duplication or DVD duplication or any other service like replication or authoring, you will need to check with them if they can do copy protection or if they have a partner doing it.

A lot of companies now offer digital copy protection at very high standard to guarantee that your content will be safe.

You could protect your disc from unauthorized duplication or copy by doing so. When protected, these files could only be played from the original disc through a dedicated secure player and could not be copied to the computer's hard drive for example. Once this is done, you can safely think about the next step in your process like CD packaging or DVD packaging.

It has always been very difficult to completely prevent users from copying a CD or DVD but new technologies were developed vey often to reinforce the protection and make sure that as few people as possible copy those discs.

There are now different software that you can use if you want to copy protects your CD or DVD. You will have to make sure you choose the right one when doing it as they will not work at the same level, thus not providing you with the same level of protection. It is usually better to get a company to do it for you especially if you have a lot of discs to protect.

In the recent years, developers, and especially game developers have been protecting their games and audio CD's to make sure no one is able to copy them. But what they were not thinking about is that it can work against them sometimes as some players can not really handle the protection and will not read the CD or DVD protected. It has become nearly impossible for people to backup their original disc in case the disc is broken.

Interestingly, you are legally allowed to make backup copies of discs in some countries.

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