Top Iphone Apps For Utility Purposes

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Your iPhone should work to help you out in every way possible. The various apps provided in the store accessible through the iPhone can increase how useful the phone is.

Knowing the weather is a very useful thing for the day. After all, it can help you determine how to dress for the day and assist in determining what your current plans are going to be. The Weather Channel provides an application that is completely free on the iPhone. The views are offered in a variety of ways including a 10 day view, hourly view, or even the 36 hour look. Maps can be viewed to show where the weather is coming from and zooming in and out is supported. The only problem here is that the advertisements may clutter the application up.

Yelp is another free application that can increase how functional your iPhone is to you. This application is designed to help you find the closest type of store to your location that youre looking for. You can find a mechanical shop, a grocery store, or any other type of business that you need. Your GPS location can also show you a listing of businesses that are located close to you. If youre looking for a specific type of business you can browse by category as well.

iVideoCamera is a 99 cent application that allows you to record video on the iPhone. The iPhones that work without being jailbroken did not have this ability for quite some time until December of 2009. The quality leaves something to be desired though because only 3 frames can be recorded per second and the resolution is a very small 160x213. Regardless, it can help you to get a quick video when it isnt always convenient to pull out your camera or video recorder.

If food is something you need assistance with the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner will be your app of choice. It can really help you while youre wandering aimlessly through the supermarket looking for that meal to make for the night. You only need to decide what the main course is, how long you have to prepare it, and the main ingredient you intend to use in the recipe. It takes these factors into the database and does a quick search in all of the recipes that have been submitted to spit out a few options for you.

Mixologist is a cheap 99 cent app that is something to use if you have a liquor cabinet full of variety and dont know exactly what you can make. There are 7,900 different drinks in the system to allow you to browse or submit your ingredients. The ingredients will be able to give you a drink or few drinks that you can make with these ingredients. The app can even give you some tips for preparation the best way to give you the best drink. Youll be a pro bartender in no time without even needing to attend school or work in the bar itself.

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