Disability Insurance 01 - Unemployment Insurance - Goverment Program in Case of Disability

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The main purpose of disability insurance is to to replace an individual's income should they be unable to work as a result of either an accident or a sickness. In fact, People tend not to spend a lot of time thinking about the financial devastation that could result from a disabling injury or sickness therefore if disability strikes, the balance between personal earnings and expenses suddenly is upset, and the threat of financial disaster can quickly become a reality. In this article, we will discuss the government program that will help the short needed for disable workers.

Most employed people contribute to employment insurance through payroll deductions. Employers send the amount they withhold from the employee's pay to government related department Employers are also required to contribute to the employment insurance fund and must add their portion of the premium to the employee contribution when submitting the monthly deductions.
Therefore, workers who contribute to this program entitle to received benefit in case of short term disability and sickness
a) Any workers have worked in insurable employment for at least 900 hours ( Depended on the rate of unemployment it may be changed) since the last claim, if that claim was made within the last year.
b) have a physician's statement proving disability.
Benefit is payable for a maximum period of 15 weeks after 2 weeks of waiting period.
Remember the employment sickness or short term disability adopt a second payer principle if other disability benefit are payable

The benefits will be reduced dollar for dollar when the claimant receives:
1. employment income such as wages, commissions or bonuses
2. payments in compensation for an accident on the job or a work-related illness such as Workers' Compensation benefits;
3. group insurance benefits for sickness or loss of wages;
4. compensation for loss of wages from certain accident insurance policies.
5. pension income or retirement income

The benefit will not be effected
1. Disability pension
2. Workers' Compensation payments from a permanent settlement
3. A personal or individual sickness or disability wage-loss policy.
4. Retroactive raises in wages or salary.

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