Recognise The Signs When Potty Training Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell - Date: 2007-04-15 - Word Count: 282 Share This!

One of the biggest concerns of a person before adopting a pet is the hassle associated with training the pet. Training can be a tough job and requires a lot of dedication, love and patience on the part of the trainer. The trainer also needs to keep in mind that here it is going to be an animal he would be training.

Give you pet limited water to drink, ensuring that it doesn't result in dehydration. Your pet's last meal should be at seven to ensure that he does not urinate or defecate during your sleeping hours. Try to recognise the signs when your pet needs to eliminate his waste. At such times, your pet will typically start sniffing and scratching at the door. The pet will get restless and acts distracted at such times. If you can recognise such signs given by your dog, it will be simple to potty train him or her.

With such varied information that can be easily collected, potty training your pet will become simple and easy. All you need to do is gather as many practical tips as possible from various sources and apply them. Complement it with your determination and patience to self-train your dog, and success will be all yours! You also need to remember that proper dedication and commitment is required from your end to successfully potty train your dog. Chances are that your patience will be tested at times, but you will need to be firm but mild at such situation. Give your dog some time and love while he is learning and he will surely reciprocate it by learning to pee and poop at the right place and saving you public embarrassment.

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