Nokia 6500 Classic - A 3G mobile phone par excellence.

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Mobile phones with third generation (3G) capabilities are the latest entrants in the telecommunications domain. Tech-savvy mobile phone users are more than happy with the innovative features that are a part of these sophisticated phones. High speed Internet access, video calling and user-friendly multimedia options make the 3G mobile phones quite the gadgets to acquire and use. The Nokia 6500 classic is one such 3G mobile phone that has firmly established itself among both tech-savvy as well as fashion conscious mobile phone users in different parts of the world. The sleek and sophisticated looks of the Nokia 6500 Classic forms the perfect backdrop to its array of interesting features.

Nokia 6500 classic comes with an integrated 2 mega-pixel camera as well as an advanced music player. This means that one can use the handset as a music player or as a digital camera without any hassle. And the best part is that the Nokia 6500 classic is easy to use - the keypad is designed ergonomically which makes accessing the different multimedia options quite simple.

As an owner of the Nokia 6500 classic, you can live quite a few of your dreams and fantasies. You can use the handset for downloading information from the Internet. Seamless connectivity would ensure that you remain connected with all your friends, colleagues and relatives in different parts of the world. The speed of data transfer would be fast. And video streaming options and multitasking capabilities would ensure that there is always something interesting going on.

And if music is what drives you, then the Nokia 6500 classic would not let you down. The music player, capable of supporting multiple music formats, would ensure that you are not deprived of your music - even when you are on the move. You could also use the Nokia 6500 Classic for downloading and playing Java games. With 1 GB of in-built memory, there would be ample space to store all the images, music files, photos, videos and other content.

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