Seven Tips for Building Your Wealth

by JAMES DELROJO - Date: 2007-01-29 - Word Count: 930 Share This!

Here are seven tips for you to help you achieve a success financial life. These seven strategies have been used throughout the ages by the self made rich and are being used just as effectively today by those who build their own fortunes.

1. Accept Your Right To Be Rich

We as human beings are a combination of the material, mental and spiritual. If we are neglecting any one of these areas then we are failing to fulfill our potential. We have both a right and a duty to become all we can be and this requires developing ourselves in all three planes in which we exist; the material, the mental and the spiritual.

Money is financial energy that allows us to purchase material items such as food, clothing, houses and cars, as well as mental items such as education, advice and entertainment.

It is our right to tap into our potential for acquiring money and the things it can buy for us and it is also our duty to develop that aspect of ourselves.

Any suggestion that it is inappropriate to become wealthy is simply an avoidance of personal development. It is an expression of laziness and weakness and a totally undesirable sentiment.

2. Accept That Becoming Wealthy Is A Craft That CAN Be Learned And SHOULD Be Learned.

Everything that human beings do can be analyzed and broken down into sets of skills. These skills can be taught and learned. Once skills are learned and applied we discover that what was formally seen as natural talent is now seen to be an acquired craft.

Wealth building is no exception to this rule. If you analyze what wealthy people do you will find that they are applying a set of skills and that these are skills that you can also learn and apply. Wealth building is a craft.

To try to become rich without taking the time and energy to learn the craft of wealth building is just plain stupid. It is laziness. It is a strategy that people use to justify their failure. They can say "I tried to become wealthy but it didn't work for me."

If you haven't taken the time and energy to study and learn the craft of becoming wealthy then you haven't really tried to become wealthy. Stop fooling yourself and get off your butt and buy some wealth education today.

3. Accept That There Are Natural Laws That Govern Success And Failure.

Becoming wealthy is a subset of becoming successful. Just like everything else in the universe, success is governed by a set of laws that need to be learned, understood, and applied, in order to master the craft of being successful.

4. Accept Your Current Environment As A Starting Point For Your Journey To Wealth.

You are today where you are today. Your current environment is your current environment. You should accept what is now as your starting point on your journey.

You can get to any destination regardless of where your starting point may be. But you need to know and accept your starting point in order to determine the road that you need to take.

Your starting point does not determine how fast or slow you get to your destination. That is determined by your means of travel. Even if you are dead broke today you can become wealthy quickly if you select the right means of getting there.

5. Accept That It Is Not Only What You Do But How You Do It That Produces Riches.

Imagine that two men each build themselves a brick house by following the same plan. However one of these men is a proud, professional bricklayer and the other is a careless amateur who has never laid a brick before in his life.

Each of these men does the same things in building the house but the house will look completely different. They did the same things but the way in which they did them was worlds apart.

So it is with building wealth. It is not good enough to do the things that wealthy people do; you also have to do them in the right way. The way is by far the more important.

6. Accept That You Have To Get Into The Game In Order To Win In The Game.

Thousands of people all over the world talk about their desire to get rich but most of them never get into the game. If you want to become rich you have to join the game.

Joining the game, in this case, means learning the craft of wealth building and then applying that knowledge in some form of business or investment activity.

7. Accept That If You Are Not Rich Now Then YOU Will Have To Change In Order To Get Rich.

Your financial situation is a reflection of who you are. It was produced by the decisions you made or avoided, by the actions you took or avoided, by the knowledge you learned and applied or failed to learn or apply.

If you want to change what you are getting then you need to change what you are doing or how you are doing it and that requires changing yourself and your habits.

Achieving a better life starts by you becoming a more developed person.

Read over these 7 tips again and ask yourself how you score on each of them. Then make the decision to do what you need to do to develop yourself, your knowledge, your skills and your habits into assets that will take you to wealth.

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