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The word ‘psychic' was first used by Camille Flammarion, A French Astronomer and was later introduced as an English word in the 1870's.

Here are some true facts about psychics and psychic media.

Seers and Prophets in Earlier Times

Elaborate systems of fortune telling as well as divination can be traced back to ancient times. Do you know that the most popular and the most ancient system of fortune-telling is astrology? These people, known as astrologers were known to lend an insight into peoples' lives and help predict their circumstances in the near future.

Astrology is a full blown science today but what you need to know is that there was a certain set of people who could do all that an astrologer could without the use of some kind of science or an elaborate system of fortune telling. These people, sometimes believed to be seers as well as prophets were called Psychics.

Psychics and their role in Ancient Times

Psychics often played the role of judges, priests as well as advisors. You can refer to the Biblical literature for examples. You will clearly notice the role of Prophets in ancient cultures. Going through the ancient Egyptian literature, we came across a very nice example. The priests of Ra were one of the greatest seers of those times.

These priests were known by the name of ‘nabu' in ancient Syria. Nabu means ‘to announce' or ‘to call'.

Pythia, the Priestess

The true account of Pythia, the priests is clearly mentioned in the story ‘Delphi Oracle'. Pythia used to supervise the oracle of Apollo at Delphi. It was believed that Pythia could deliver prophesies inspired by the god of Apollo during 8th Century BC.

Legend has that Pythia used to deliver her oracles in a frenzied state and used to speak complete gibberish as she did it. The gibberish was believed to be the voice of Apollo by priests who then preserved these prophesies in Greek literature. Others believe that Pythia was a very intelligent old woman and used to give prophesies in her own calm voice.

The Prophesises of Nostradamus

Nostradamus was known and is still known as one of the most popular psychics of his times. He wrote quite a few prophesies and his book has never lost popularity ever since then. It is hard to believe but Nostradamus had prophesised a number of events and happenings in his times, most of which have come true.

Contrary to this, academic scholars have maintained the dissociations between the Prophesies of Nostradamus and world events and have regarded them as misinterpretations.

We Hope you enjoyed reading this article. A huge database on knowledge about psychics is available online. Do refer to it!

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