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Breast enhancement pills 1 allows many women to walk taller, smile more, and be more confident and secure about themselves and their bodies. For many years, surgical implants were the only option available to women to restructure their breasts. However today, with further developments in research, there are many inexpensive non-surgical options available to the women such as breast enlargement pills, creams, and pumps. This article will deal with breast enlargement pills.

Many women view breast enlargement pills as an easy and inexpensive way of increasing their breast size. Most of the pills are herbal in nature. These pills uses the endocrine system of a woman's own body to increase their breast size naturally and safely, adding size, firmness and fullness.

The herbal tablets contain phtyo eostrogens that are claimed to stimulate the estrogen receptors in breast tissue and enlarge the breast size on a permanent basis.

The most popular herbal ingredient in breast enhancement pills 1 is saw palmetto, which is also chiefly used to treat benign prostrate in men. However, some women have reported negative reactions to this herb, ranging from bad digestive cramping and acid reflux, to hair lost. Others have reported hair growth on their face and chin. An ingredient many stress one should avoid is kava kava, which many claim is bad for your liver,and kava kava is a muscle relaxer.

One thing is certain is that the pills can cause hormonal issues, both good and bad. One women reports that she used the herbal pills to help offset her menopause symptoms.

One should go slowly when taking any new herb or product. Some side effects are possible, although many women experience no side effects and claim breast enhancement pills 1 increased their breast size. With these women, it took 2 months or more before they noticed a difference.

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