Discount Dental Plans - 6 Powerful Reasons Consumers Choose One for Their Oral Health

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There's no doubt about it; when you decide to take care of your oral health, you make a smart decision. The vast majority of doctors and dentists believe there is some relation between oral health and a persons overall physical health.

However, when it comes to finding a quality dental plan to defray the skyrocketing costs of professional oral care, consumers may find themselves short on options. Like health coverage, dental coverage has not kept up with double-digit cost increases. The average allowance is still around $1000 per year per individual. A family with children who need braces would be hard-pressed to make this type of coverage work.

As a result of this situation, consumers are starting to educate themselves on the different alternatives to traditional health care such as health savings accounts. One of the fastest growing alternatives in health care is the discount dental plan. Because it is not an insurance product, many of the hassles, limits, and exclusions are no longer an issue.

Here are 6 powerful reasons for the discount dental plan's rapid growth among educated consumers:

1. At the discretion of the dentist, consumers can often reduce out-of-pocket costs by combining a discount dental plan with traditional dental insurance.

2. In an emergency, such as an abscessed tooth, members can see a dentist immediately because there's almost never a waiting period.

3. Consumers can literally save thousands of dollars on expensive dental treatments, such as orthodontics, because most discount dental plans have no limits.

4. Discount dental plans almost always accept new members regardless of any on-going dental problems.

5. Beyond the initial application, there's practically no need for paperwork or claims to file.

6. Unlike most traditional insurance policies, cosmetic dentistry such as whitening and braces are almost always included.

For all these reasons, the discount dental plan is more than likely to continue gaining acceptance as a very smart alternative to traditional dental care. Furthermore, dentists are also starting to realize the growing benefits of becoming a discount dental plan provider. Among them, customer retention, no insurance companies to deal with, and free advertising from the discount dental plan company.

As dental care costs continue to escalate, controlling those costs can be a real challenge for the average consumer. However, through education, consumers can take a more active roll in controlling how these costs affect their personal lives. A discount dental plan can make a lot of sense for consumers looking to take care of their oral health and save money at the same time.

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