A Look at Incentive and Rebates Programs

by Mario S. Churchill - Date: 2007-02-15 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

Businesses have a greater chance of succeeding if they are able to not only offer a quality and successful product, but also if they are able to offer the consumer something that their competitors have been unable to successfully offer yet. As a result, there are a number of incentive and rebates programs that can be offered by a business that would more realistically attract the consumer to the product or good that is offered by a manufacturer. Still, some consumers and businesses may wonder what the costs are of having such programs and what the return is on these investments. No one wants to lose money, not the manufacturer or the individual consumer, and so it will be very important that the incentive and rebates programs are legitimate and actually effective for everyone involved. They should not cause the business to lose money, but neither should they scam the consumer out of money either. Because of this, it will be very important that businesses thoroughly research their different options when it comes to these categories and that consumers make sure that they understand the pros and cons of different programs that might be offered to them by the manufacturers.

There are almost unlimited forms of incentive and rebates programs. Some of the programs are instantaneous and others are ones which will take a period of time to complete. As a result, the benefits of each option need to be weighed carefully in order to come up with the right choice for the individual business and the individual consumer as well. What many businesses will do is offer both an instant savings and a mail in rebate. This ensures that the consumer will get one benefit, but not necessarily another. In many instances, consumers are looking for instant savings. These are more convenient and do not necessitate any work on the part of the consumer. On the other hand, programs that take time to process may not be acted on either initially or at all since they require work and time and the individual consumer may convince themselves that the investment was still worth it since they were able to get the instant savings.

Incentive and rebates programs that take place over time may not be as worthwhile for the consumer, but they work out better for the company in some instances. Since they are offering the program, they look like a considerate and beneficial company in which the consumer can get involved with in a business manner. However, if the individual consumer does not put in the necessary amount of work, they do not actually receive the reward, since there are stipulations in place as to what needs to be acted upon in order to get these rewards. This is better for the company since they do not lose as much money. Additionally, this works to illustrate again why instant and time sensitive rewards will be offered to consumers and why they are so successful and mutually beneficial for everyone that is involved in the process of consumerism.

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