Travel Tips India: Safety Comes First

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India ranks high as an intriguing tourist destination with lots to offer its visitors. Think for instance of the wonderful Hindu temples, the Taj Mahal, and the great scenery too. India has a rich and fascinating culture, and thousands of tourists are eager to learn more about the country each year. Does that include you?

Unfortunately, like everywhere else in the world, India is not without its problems. Unfortunately, there is also crime, disease, and even environmental hazards. Any one or all of these could ruin a holiday for an unprepared traveler. The following tips should help you stay safe and avoid illness or injury during your holiday.

Get Your Jabs!

The last thing vacationers want is to get sick during their vacation. But unfortunately, there are lots of serious diseases in India that are less common in other parts of the world. Diseases such as meningitis, dengue fever, dysentery, chorea, hepatitis, malaria, and typhoid are quite common in India. If you are visiting from the UK, Canada, or the United States you will not need a vaccination certificate to enter the country, but visitors from other parts of the world will need to show one. No matter where you are traveling from, it is wise to consult your doctor before you go and make sure you are up to date on all your vaccinations ' these are serious illnesses, and it is not worth taking any risks.

Mosquitoes pose a significant threat. They can spread diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, so you should take along some mosquito spray and nets as a little extra protection.

Watch What You Eat

While in India you should avoid raw vegetables and meats such as pork. Be wary of eating anything from a street vendors, and make sure that all your food is cooked thoroughly.

Don't drink water unless it is bottled water ' avoid ice cubes too, unless you know they were made from bottled water. If you cannot avoid tap water, then use some water purification tablets before you drink it. These usually contain iodine or chlorine, and you should try not to use too many of them, but it is better to purify the water than to drink it as is.

Be Careful of The Sun!

India is very warm, especially from March until May. Perhaps you plan to travel during the hotter months. If so, then be sure to drink lots of water (preferably bottled water), and make full use of the shade when you can. Also, wear sunscreen and re-apply it frequently. Some people even carry a parasol around with them to keep the worst of the sun off them during the day.

Enjoy Your Holiday

It may seem boring to have to worry about vaccinations and sun cream, etc, but it is better to spend a few minutes making sure you are protected, than to get sick while you are on holiday. Sunburn or heat stroke at the start of a trip can leave you unable to have any fun for the entire stay, and illnesses like meningitis can be fatal.

Taking a few simple precautions before you go on your trip, can make a huge difference. It will mean that you can spend your time in India learning about the country, visiting some classic landmarks, and getting some spectacular photographs for your holiday collection. And isn't that what you want.

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