3 Types Of Speed Camera Detectors That Use Radar

by Ben Buckley - Date: 2010-09-29 - Word Count: 668 Share This!

There are many types of speed camera detectors. One style uses radar. These are usually known as radar detectors.

You could purchase a radar detector in one of three main styles. Before you shop for a radar detector, be aware of the differences and recognize what you're looking for. You most likely don't want to make a bad choice or end up with a radar detector that doesn't fit your needs, correct?

The 3 styles of radar detector all come with dissimilar features. They are called corded, cordless, and remote-mount radar detectors. Various manufacturers might call the 3 styles of radar detector by slightly different names.

You don't want to compare apples with oranges, so when comparing various models just look closely at the features to be sure what variety of radar detector it is.

This article will make clear where they are diverse and what the pros and cons of each are. You might inquire, why not just reveal to me the best one to buy? Okay, the down-to-earth answer is there is no one best radar detector. So rather than fretting about what other people are choosing to buy, first figure out what your needs are when it comes to radar detectors. Only after that you can start thinking about what variety of radar detector to buy.

This will help you narrow down your choices. When you actually commence your shopping, you don't need to waste time looking at radar detectors that don't match your specs. Naturally you will have saved time with this research and you can then focus on the radar detectors that match your specs. Even better, you'll save money because the radar detectors you look at will be more likely to match what you truly need. Sounds good, right?

Now let's take a look at the 3 main styles of radar detectors.

Corded Radar Detector

Where does a corded radar detector go? Usually, you will put it on your windshield, attaching it with suction cups.

When it comes to accuracy, this sort of radar detector offers the highest range of detection, so it's the most accurate. So if avoiding speeding tickets and fines is of paramount importance, the corded radar detector might appeal strongly to you.

Some people may not like the cord, so that's one thing to consider in terms of negative things to say about this particular radar detector. The cord can be annoying. Before making a final decision, weigh the pros and cons. Is the high accuracy of this kind of radar detector worth the inconvenience of having a cord attached?

Cordless Radar Detector

A cordless radar detector is a convenient option for multiple-automobile owners. If you need to put it in your other automobile, it's really easy to just carry it over. With no cord hanging off the radar detector, installing this device in your car is very easy and convenient.

Some people argue that the cordless detectors can't compete when it comes to accuracy, so that's a possible downside. Then again, it depends on the manufacturer - some truly good quality models of cordless radar detector are going to be better than the corded style from a less-good manufacturer. Always check the facts for yourself. To sum up, anyone who owns more than one vehicle should at least be considering a cordless radar detector.

Remote-Mount Radar Detector

Remote-mount detectors are permanently mounted inside your car. This type of radar detector is amazing protection against thieves, because you can't even tell that it's installed.

Obviously, this is not the way to go if you want to take your radar detector out of one vehicle and put it in another. Since it's permanently mounted, it's not portable in the least. This should be a really easy decision for you to make: is security or portability more important to you?

Now you know about the three styles of speed camera detectors that use radar. We covered corded radar detectors, cordless radar detectors, and remote-mount radar detectors.

Hopefully, this article has cleared some questions up in your mind. You're now ready to go buy the radar detector of your choice!

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