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Many natural health professionals consider detoxification to be the single most powerful tool in the way you look and feel. In this article I'm going to explain how detoxification works and how to create a program that is safe and effective.

A detox is a full and thorough cleansing program that is designed to remove built up toxins inside your body to make you look and feel younger in the outside.

You might not know it but there are likely many toxins inside your body that cause you to look and feel older.

Many of these common illnesses that people suffer from on a daily basis can be avoided and removed if you take time and effort to detoxify your body.

One of the biggest problems that people have with a body detox system is that they are unable to beat the crazing that come with giving up certain foods and substances.

Once they get a couple days into it, they may have terrible cravings, moodiness, headaches, stomach aches, and other symptoms that make them want to go back to the things they gave up.

You should think of it in the same way as someone who is quitting smoking or drugs or alcohol. Their body might actually make them feel sick when they first quit as they have that dependence still. However, as they adjust to it, the body will be much healthier without the drug than it was before.

So, if you just stick it out with the detox and avoid giving in to the cravings, you will look and feel much younger once it has all passed.

I understand that is one of those pieces of advice that is much easier said than done, so let me suggest a few ways how you can battle the cravings that you're experiencing during the detox?

1. Avoid places that have the thing you crave.
2. Avoid watching television shows or reading books and magazines that have the foods you are craving.
3. Drink a lot of water and fruit juice.
4. Call a supportive friend if you feel urges coming on strong.
5. Write in a journal or diary.
6. Find a new hobby or past time to help ease the cravings.
7. Go exercise or go for a walk or jog when your cravings come on strong.
8. Practice breathing exercises.

These are not a cure-all for your problems with cravings but they are great strategies to try while you're on a detox program.

With so many different body detox programs out there, it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. The good news it that with that many options, you can choose a body detox program that is especially for you.

There are many different systems and programs out there already. There are some that come with pre-made plans, pills, and more for you. There are others that might come as a pre-packed juice or drink of some kind.

Others may involve you making your own drinks or liquid foods or water fasting and other caloric restriction diets.

Some detox programs last for 24 hours to 3 days, others may be as long as 10 days to 2 weeks. Usually the longer ones are more 'total body' and involve many different steps aside from just what you eat or drink.

You can create your own customized detox program that you can do at home. When you customize your own type, you can get only want you need and want and what you feel works best for you.

Here're some suggested detox programs you might want to consider:

Level I

Follow a properly planned nourishing diet. This will help your body recuperate ad heal. This is a type of gently detoxification process that strengthens and supports digestion so that it can assimilate nutrients more efficiently. It also involves avoiding foods such as wheat and dairy products.

To do this, simply substitute bad foods with healthy alternatives.

For example replace wheat and rye products with rice, quinoa, millet, saga, amaranth, and buckwheat.

Replace cow's milk and products with rice milk, almost milk, oat milk, goat milk, soy milk, products made with goat milk.

Replace coffee and tea with chicory or dandelion root coffee, herbal, or green tea.

Replace salt with seaweed and herbal salt substitutes. Use fresh herbs and spices instead of salt to give blend foods flavor.

Replace sugar with small quantities of carob, pure organic honey, dates, and maple syrup.

Level II

This detox program is helping the body to "let go". The main focus is detoxing the colon, which benefits the digestive tract and also helping the skin and lungs discharge their toxins.

At this level add fiber-rich foods including brown rice, millet, and quinoa grain.

Eat plenty of vegetables at Level II. They contain a high proportion of water and are also mostly alkaline. To function healthier, the body's chemical balance needs to be slightly more alkaline than acid. Vegetables help to counteract the effects of the many high-acid foods, such as meats or dairy products.

Level III detox program is aimed at a deep organ detoxification.

Eating the right foods can help phase III to eliminate toxins from liver and kidneys.

Include variety of phytonutrients-rich foods in your diet during the level III detox program. Vegetables such as broccoli, lemons, red grapes, garlic, soy, rosemary and turmeric aid detoxification and protect the body.

Increase your intake of antioxidant supplements and antioxidant-rich super foods.

- Tomatoes

- Watercress

- Carrots

- Peppers

- Beets

- And berries

Make sure that during each level of the detox program you stay highly hydrated.

These detox programs will leave you looking and feeling young with increased energy and zest for life.

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