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by Melanie Kanis - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 543 Share This!

Most web programmers and designers now have a good idea of how to optimize their site using on-site search engine optimization, such as keywords and page titles, but many don't realize that the most important seo tool is link backs. Google and most of the search engines rank your page in importance according to the number of link backs it has from other sites. They see these as a sort of vote of confidence another site is giving you, and the more votes your site has, the better you will rank. Another important aspect is how well the page that links to your site ranks on the web and how many websites are linking to the page linking to your site. It sounds rather complicated but it's really quite simple. SEO can be studied and applied by most web designers; it just takes time and research.

The best way to start is by finding the sites that are ranking the highest in the search engines for your keywords. Then, once you have a list of about 5-10 sites, do a search to find out what websites are linking to them, either by searching "link: www.(the website).com" in the search engines or by using a program such as SEO elite. Once you have this information, go to those sites and try to see how popular those sites are themselves. Then, see if you can get a link on those sites for your website, either through a link exchange program, free submission of your url to their directory or perhaps a paid submission. Try to get links from the most popular sites first, and then focus on the rest. The more link backs your site has from other sites, especially ones that have a high page ranking, the more importance your site will have according to the search engines. A link from a page with a pr of 7 will have a lot more weight than one from a page with a pr of 2, although they are all important. Don't pass up a link just because the page rank is low, it still counts in the grand scheme of things. Also, make sure that the sites that you submit to are related to your website and what you do and not something completely different, as the search engines will frown upon this.

Do this for all of the websites that you wrote down in the beginning (your biggest competitors). Chances are, if you can manage to get a link back from most of the sites that each of your competitors are getting links from, your combined link backs will be more than each of theirs due to the fact that you have combined all of their link backs to build your list. Also, the more locations that advertise your website on the web, the more visible your site will be. One last tip, try to ensure that you get actual links to your site on those sites, you will know it is a straight link if, when you scroll over the link with your mouse, your website address appears in the bottom grey bar. These are the links that are recognized and the ones that will boost your site to the top of the search engines!

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