Internet Marketing: The Benefits of Offering Bonuses

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Ever wonder why someone as wealthy as Oprah cares about getting that special "free gift with purchase" offer at the makeup counter or on-line department store? You know, the free offer that includes the bright coral lipstick that doesn't look good on anyone!

Because getting something for free feels good. And the smart woman business owner knows that all buying decisions are based on emotion. (With logic backing up the decision so it makes sense to the left side of our brain.)

But which bonuses are the best to offer on-line? What do you do if your closet isn't full of e-books, reports or other information products to give away?

Here are five internet marketing ideas to creatively "sweeten the deal". These free or low-cost tips will help you ethically motivate potential clients to take action to purchase your product or sign up for your seminar, workshop or teleseminar.

Marketing Idea #1: Include products from other people.You'll be surprised how many business owners will say "yes" to your idea of including their information product, teleseminar or e-book as a bonus gift with the purchase of your product. All you need to do is ask. Be sure to mention the type of marketing you'll be doing, the amount of exposure they'll get and how your clients are a perfect match for their type of woman small business.

Your cost? Nothing!

Marketing Idea #2: Offer limited quantities of your best bonuses.Despite our desire for abundance thinking, people still fear losing out on something that's in short supply. Limiting the number of copies of your best bonus helps your potential clients make a decision (which I honestly believe is doing a great service for them) so it's a win-win. Be sure to clearly print the number of bonus copies available in your sales material. Then, when all copies are sold out, update your website letting them know the bonus is gone.

Want to see a sample? You can see how this works by clicking on the sales letter page for my Brand Authenticity program (click on the "bonuses" link at the top of the page).

Your cost? Just a few minutes to update the internet marketing on your website.

Marketing Idea #3: Offer a special contest where the prize is a consulting day with you.The more exclusive your woman small business, the more tantalizing this bonus will be. Let prospective clients know that they will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a day of free consulting with you. Be sure to assign a value to this prize. Then later, document in your newsletter or on your website the transformations that occurred for your lucky client during that free day. Your readers will love "eavesdropping" and they'll wish they had won such a great prize. This helps create urgency for your next offer.

Your cost? One day of your time.

Marketing Idea #4: Offer a private 15-minute consultation or coaching session on a topic that complements the product they're purchasing.Sure, this can be a little time-consuming but the payoff can be enormous! How? Because someone who purchases your product loves what you do and wants more of it. They are more likely to sign up for the higher-end offer that you'll wisely make available to them in that 15-minute conversation. If you have corporate clients, offering a complimentary assessment is a simple no-cost or low-cost alternative that works beautifully.

It's not unusual to have 60-90% of those 15-minute consultations or coaching sessions turn into higher-paying clients.

Your cost? A few minutes of your time.

Marketing Idea #5: Offer a follow-up consultation or coaching session 90 days after their purchase.People know the value of follow-up because they understand that without it, their chances of taking action are greatly decreased. Offering a reasonably in-depth follow-up telephone or in-person session helps cement value in the eyes of your client, and allows you the opportunity to help them implement your information and make an additional offer to them. They are likely to see the value of the additional offer and want to make the extra purchase.

Your cost? One day or less.

No matter what you offer as bonuses, be sure to emphasize the value of the bonus just as much as the value of your program, teleseminar, e-book or information product. People are overwhelmed with information so be sure to clearly list why the bonus is important and how it's going to help them solve their problem.

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