The Neverending Battle for a Firm Butt, Tight Abs and a Lean but Muscular Physique

by Nicky Ryan - Date: 2007-01-02 - Word Count: 311 Share This!

The obesity problem in this country is growing to epidemic proportions just look around what do you see that's right FAT BUTTS. A lean muscular physique, tight abs and a firm butt seem to be getting to be a rarity these days.

The really troubling part of this is it's not reserved for the middle age and older crowd. The youth of this country is FAT.

Why? I think that part of it is we have become a fast paced but lazy society. We like everything fast particularly our food but then we love to sit and play video games for hour upon hour and then watch TV for some more hours.

What's the answer get your lazy fat butt up - turn off the video games and the TV!

But I can't afford to join a gym?

So don't there too expensive and crowded a gym becomes more of a social gathering then a place to exercise off that fat butt.I don't want to buy a lot of workout equipment I have a small place You don't need a lot of fancy equipment an inexpensive weight set doesn't take up alot of roomI'm so busy I don't have time to Exercise Yeah I know the world will stop if you don't take 45 minutes a day to exercise. I just love this excuse, it's used for everything in our society today: I'm such a busy person, well guess what you won't have to worry because your going to die sooner. Sorry but the "I'm too busy" excuse doesn't cut it but then it's your Fat Butt that's hitting the floor.

Here's a good reason to exercise and eat better: you will save yourself money - stop buying bigger size clothes every other month. Plus if you lose that fat and get in better shape you will increase your energy and stamina for that terribly busy life you have.

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Hopefully this article struck a nerve with you for YOUR own well being I hope so want more exercise and nutrition information and tips

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