How To Appeal Your Property Tax Bill

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The responsible homeowner will want to do a thorough check of their property tax bill to ensure they have not been over charged or remain passive when a property tax adjustment is due them. In most cases, the home owner with a discrepancy will find the property tax bill to be in excess, however, it is just as important to be sure there are no under billing errors that you will be responsible to cover at a later time. To ensure that you are treated fairly and are paying the minimal amount required by your state or municipality, you will want to read your property tax statement and verify the charges.

1. Lowering Your Property Taxes.

The amount of property tax due is set by the value of the home as assessed by the property tax regulations. Home owners that have been in the property for a number of years may see their taxes go higher, however, property owners that have suffered a depreciation in property value may be able to appeal for a lower rate.

2. Calculate Your Depreciation.

In addition to a lowered property value as set forth by fluctuating market prices, you may be able to itemize some depreciating elements to lower your property taxes. Factors such as deterioration of the structure, sewage system and heating may be sufficient to knock down your property tax bill. In addition, if new zoning laws have been put into effect since your last official assessment, you may be able to claim a high traffic problem, loud noises and encroaching industry as valid reasons to lower your property tax bill.

3. Watch For Errors.

Your property tax bill is prepared by experts, but no one is exempt from making a mistake. Read your statement thoroughly and make yourself familiar with any tax hikes and their cause and effect. In addition, sometimes it is the property owner that has made a mistake, one that might have carried for many years on your property tax bill. Be sure that you made your original claims accurately and that you are not paying for a single family home tax rate when you live in a duplex or condo.

4. Re-assessment.

If you believe that your property tax bill rate is outdated and you may be entitled to a lower rate, have an appraiser come out and survey the home. This service not come cheaply, but if you believe you are entitled to a lower tax rate and wish to press forward with an appeal, you will need to have the home professionally evaluated in your favor. The appraiser may also be able to give you helpful information on the value of the comparative homes in your neighborhood, thus reinforcing your demand for a lowered property tax rate. If you find that your property tax bill is due an adjustment, you may easily locate the proper authorities via the city or county website in your jurisdiction. Click on the Treasury Department and follow the promts to take you the contact information or policies and proceedures for your area.

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