Colour and How it Can Affect Your Mood and Improve Your Image

by Joanna Steele-Perkins - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 667 Share This!

Have you ever thought about why you sometimes want to wear one colour and another day you choose something completely different?  Have you ever wondered why we favour different colours from our friends and that we possibly see colours in different ways from each other?  There has been a great deal of research into the effects of colour in our lives.  Colour is all around us and unlike other species; we have the ability to see it.  From childhood we all develop a favourite colour which may change during our life time and there is any number of reasons for this. 

Colours, like people have different personalities and these are perhaps the reason why we are attracted to different colours according to our mood, or general disposition.

Black portrays authority and is often worn in formal or business situations.  It is also a colour associated with death and mourning.  In some countries women wear black for the rest of their lives after the loss of a husband or child.  It is also considered "slimming".  Black can give you confidence but can be quite harsh on the complexion of many people.  Charcoal or medium Grey can still be formal but more flattering to wear.

White is the colour of purity and innocence which is why it became a traditional colour for brides in Victorian times.  White is chosen for new born babies and angels are often depicted in white to reflect their innocence and goodness.  White is a colour we all wear at one time or another, but for many adults, wearing white from head to foot is not always the best look.  It is a great summer colour and can be used to mix with other  colours to "lighten" the overall appearance .

Brown is an earthy colour and is associated with friendliness and comfort.  Some people find brown "boring" but there are many different shades of brown to choose from and once you find the right brown, you will find it a comfortable and useful part of your wardrobe.  By wearing brown, you will appear more relaxed and approachable.

Blue is the colour of logic.  It is a "safe" colour and often associated with law and order.  Many uniforms are blue.  The darker the shade the stronger the effect so by wearing lighter shades, you still have the benefit of wearing a safe colour but without the authority.

Red is an energetic colour.  It can give confidence to the wearer, making them feel in control.  It is an exciting colour too and often worn by vivacious or outgoing people.  There are many different shades of red , there is one for everybody.

Green is a calming colour and often used in hospitals and dentist waiting rooms to calm the patients.  One study has shown that children in a green classroom are more focused than in a yellow classroom and concentrate for longer.  Green is the colour of vegetation and often loved by creative and imaginative people.  Find a shade that suits you when you need to be open minded.

Yellow is a bright and sunny colour and can make us feel alive and invigorated.  It is also a colour that can be difficult to wear, so finding the best shade for you is important.  Wear yellow when you feel glad to be alive and brighten up a dull day!

Pink is often the favourite colour of little girls and some big girls too!  Pink is associated with gentleness and empathy.  This is a good colour to wear if you want to connect with other people.  Again there is a vast range of pinks available and different shades will suit different people.

By choosing colours that we wear carefully, we can influence they way we feel and they way we are perceived by others around us.  Once you have ascertained which shade of a particular colour suits you, it will be possible to look great and convey the message about yourself you intend, in every situation of life.

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