Recreating Your Orchids' Environment - Do Your Orchid Watering To Get Your Beautiful Blooms

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When someone's ready to grow a garden, they have to decide what flowers or plants they intend to grow. Many people decide on the orchid flowers though their reasoning for doing so is different. However, orchids are great flowers with stunning blooms that come in an array of size, colors and species.

Are you feeling the same way? Do you have them in your garden? If so, then you know your orchids have "feeding" requirements that you must meet. One such requirement that must be met is watering. What you need to understand about orchid watering is that every species of this stunning flower has different water requirements. For that reason, you must research information on your orchid so that you can correctly water your plants and not overwater it. Just remember that while you do your investigation on watering, you should know the other requirements your species must have so that they can thrive and bloom.

Where In The World Do You Find Them
Earth has many tropical regions on it, which is where you can find these plants growing. The reason they thrive in these regions is that they need the humidity, usually around 80 percent or more. These humidity levels are unbearable for humans so if you plan on growing orchids, you need to find a way to create the plants' environment.

Peebles, Saucer and Water: How To Get Tropical Humidity Levels
Want to get that tropical air? Then, be sure you've got pebbles and a saucer on hand. What you'll need to do is place a saucer full of water and pebbles underneath the plant, making sure not to let the roots of your plant touch the water at any point.

How Should You Do Orchid Watering
It's vitally important that you don't overwater your plants. Most people presume that a dry potting soil means the plant is thirsty and must be given water. This is not true of orchids because of the type of potting medium used. They must not use regular potting soil because it does not provide them with air circulation roots need and doesn't allow water to escape, which can lead to root rot. They should be in potting bark or other approved "mediums" that can dry out entirely; they must be watered more than once a week but in minute amounts.

Don't Forget The Fertilizer
Now that you know how to do orchid watering, you should know about fertilizing your plants. Yes, your plants need fertilizer but do so in fair amounts. It doesn't matter what fertilizer you use, just make sure that you have schedule set up to do both orchid watering and fertilizing for your flower species.

With the proper care (and some love too), you can have an environment that your plants will thrive in and bloom. Make sure you give your flowers plenty of diffused sunlight, use the right type of potting medium and do your watering in right amounts so that your plants produce spectacular blooms every blooming season.

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