Customer Complaint - A Complete Job Review

by Luke T Axton - Date: 2007-01-07 - Word Count: 521 Share This!

As like any other person who works in a customer service job, I surely get to see my fair share of customer complaints. Just about on a daily basis, some one or the other comes in to our store to complain about the product or the service or perhaps even both. Although it would not be right to say that all customers are annoying, there are those customers, who especially aggravate me with their right to customer complaints. Please allow me to explain.

Few weeks back, there was this guy who 'mistakenly' bought a pair of shoes with two left feet. Well, that is the truth. As a matter of fact the shoes department is the one with a fairly high number of customer complaints. This gentleman bought the shoes alright, but if he were like you or me, he would have realized that there was something wrong the first time he tried them on. To top it off, he managed to wear these shoes for an almost continuous period of three months before a colleague pointed out that there was something wrong. That is when he came back to the store to lodge a customer complaints about the service offered to him.

As a rule, if he had brought the shoes back in a near new condition, we would have handed him a refund and considered the case closed. However in this particular case, the shoes were not only worn out. They were almost in tatters. And despite everything he only insisted upon his right to file a customer complaint and seek a refund. No matter how much I tried to explain to him politely that though he had purchased and taken home two left shoes, he should have brought the matter to our notice through customer complaints well in advance. And besides he nearly destroyed the shoes that would be of no use to us. Though his loss was one pair, our loss was in effect two good pairs of shoes.Except of course there was another customer who could 'mistakenly' purchase two right shoes!

In another case, there was this customer complaint with regards to the lady who bought an artificial mink coat and returned back to the store almost six months later to lodge a customer complaint. Want to know her issue? Well, she had been deceived into buying an artificial mink coat and wanted a refund. Needless to mention, the offending mink coat had been well used and was in fact the worse for wear. But nonetheless file a customer complaint she would.

At times there are customer complaint cases that I find extremely taxing. To help out someone who accidentally made a shopping gaffe is all fine. And the gratitude for such customers is well worth the initial hostility they show. Unlike customers who are determined to take stores for a ride and then demand on the right to file customer complaints to cover their own faults are the ones who get my goat. Even as I am all for encouraging customer complaints as a ration course of action, I find myself ever more reluctant to help out such people.

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