How A Diy Wind Generator Can Cut Your Power Bill By 50%

by Ronald Jenkins - Date: 2008-10-31 - Word Count: 308 Share This!

DIY wind generators are a great solution to high power bills, and depending on the windiness of your area, and the cost of power there, can cut your electric bill significantly, sometimes up to 50%. In this article we'll look quickly at what your options to save money are, and how you can quickly take steps to implement the recommendations.

Your first choice is to buy a pre-made wind generator. Obviously if you're reading this article you want to do it yourself, but the choice is out there. They cost about $2000 and up, so they're not the cheapest choice. If you live in an extremely windy area with expensive electricity however, they could pay off for you.

The second, and cheaper option is to build a homemade windmill. These wind generators can be made from parts costing about $100, available easily from your local hardware store. The only real difficulty is in putting them together. Essentially you're paying with your time and effort instead of money, and if you're a handyman, or at least eager to take on the project, that could be a very good trade.

To get parts and diagrams, I'd recommend that you pick up a blueprint or diagram, many are available online, most cost $40-60. Once you've got the process down once, you'll be able to repeat it again and again, even moving on to build wind generators for other people who want them. With the price of energy rising daily, this could be a very attractive side business.

How much time will this take? My standard answer depends. Mainly on how much mechanical skill you have. If you've done this sort of thing before, you can probably make one of these windmills in a weekend. If you're new to the whole thing, expect a bit of a learning curve, probably around 20 hours or so.

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Go here to read customer feedback and reviews on DIY blueprinting and diagram products. There are a lot of options out there today, and it's important to get the best kit for your money.

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