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Penis enlargement is one of the most interesting things around these days because it poses an interesting problem. On one hand, a lot of men think that the penis cannot be enlarged and that all penis enlargement products are scams. On the other hand, it's getting impossible to ignore the huge amount of evidence that penis enlargement had indeed worked for many satisfied customers.

That's why so many men are torn between their natural disbelief and cynicism and the very real desire to get a bigger penis that would make them feel better about themselves. Anyone can say that penis enlargement is a scam and try to isolate himself from this trend, but it's very hard to stay away from what look like quality products that actually do what they claim to do. As you can see, this situation leads to a dead end and something's got to give.

Frankly, the only thing that matters is that penis enlargement does not work. Nobody's asking you to spend money on scams or bad products that fall apart in your hands, but you should realize that some products are actually good, safe and effective. Take penis stretching devices for instance. For an advanced user, they are logical step compared from penis weights and a welcome alternative to pumps, but the big question in the mind of every novice is: do penis stretchers work?

Penis traction devices, also known as stretchers or extenders, are among the best products on the open market, provided they are top quality, of course. The basic principle behind them focuses on the capacity of tissues to grow in size or shrink in order to adapt to new demands from the environment. Thus, a device that keeps the penis stretched beyond the normal flaccid size can force the tissues that make up this organ to grow in length.

The simple truth about penis enlargement devices is the fact that they work. While it's true that not all men respond to these devices in the same manner, it's pretty safe to say that sooner or later any user may see one, two or three inches added to his penis. The only actual limit to how much you can gain by using penis enlargement extenders is your body's ability to adapt.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the range of penis enlargement devices praised in this article does not include pumps. Pumps are unsafe and unreliable devices that can cause severe injuries to the penis even when they function as they're supposed to. A second of carelessness or recklessness is enough to rupture veins or nerves and leave you nursing a painful penis.

This is the reason why penis enlargement extenders are generally considered to be safer than pumps. Extenders give you full control over the enlargement process, which means that you can stop it the moment you feel a slight pain. Pumps do not offer the same kind of control and even stopping everything when you feel pain can prove to be too late.

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