Do You Keep Yourself From Earning More Income?

by Suzi Elton - Date: 2009-01-17 - Word Count: 759 Share This!

Have you even known someone who expresses the desire to increase their income, but somehow manages never to do so? Do you find yourself working really hard to earn more, but the increase eludes you? Do you do all the right things, but in the end you do not get the desired financial results? Does it seem that it is your fate to simply scrape by--no matter what you do to change it? These are common experiences and they have common causation. Here are some ideas for you to consider to dismantle anything holding you back from financial improvement.

Usually, there is some poverty mentality that locks us in this place. Some of the issues are having grown up poor, not wanting to surpass parents or other family members, not knowing the right actions to take, feeling unworthy of more money, refusal to take charge and manage money. You can spend time being angry about having poverty mentality, or you can decide that it is up to you to change it--and improve your results.

1.) One of the strongest components blocking our financial progress is a fear about or desire not to "show up" our parents or family by doing better than they did financially. Sometimes there is a basis in fact for this behavior, but often it is simply a "story" we make up. We might believe that we will lose their love if we do better than them. We may feel a reticence to fully develop our abilities. We may be fearful about drawing too extreme a contrast with our under-performing forebears. Guilt, of course, underlies these dynamics. If this plays a part in your life, you may want to get some help with dismantling this attitude that causes you to under-perform your talents.

2.) You may have grown up in an environment where you were the butt of hypercriticism. This makes it especially challenging to take risks and attempt new endeavors. You hear in your head a constant litany of criticism about your every action. This can be a real show stopper for you if you allow it to be.

When you were small, you had no alternative but to endure this abuse. Now that you are an adult, and in charge of your life, you can take control. An important factor is to ensure that you accept no further criticism volleys.

It's also important to evict the critical voices from your head and memory, and replace them with self supportive phrases and beliefs. If this dynamic has affected you, doing this work is critical for you to achieve success.

3.) Another major contributor to financial under performance is the fear of "running yourself into the ground." We come from families that did not model a healthy work/life balance and don't have built in mechanisms to maintain our balance. We have a history of driving ourselves to sickness, exhaustion, and collapse. Without the healthy internal mechanisms, we fear any endeavor will result in the same--so we choose not to chance it.

Instead , we need to develop healthy work/life balance, learn not to overextend ourselves, be OK with healthy choices about rest, food, and exercise, and learn to recognize and short circuit our pattern of overextending and exhausting ourself. This is the answer--not the black and white reactive stance of not taking on endeavors because we know we will overextend ourself.

4.) A closely related dynamic is feeling repulsed at the workaholic lives our parents led, and believing that under performing financially is our only answer. That's one solution, but you might also totally re-examine these beliefs. How was the economy different during that time? What was different in our parents' circumstances? What were our parents' educations? What training did our parents have? What were the cultural factors (such as women being stay-at-home moms).

If you take a clear eyed look at it, the workaholism comes into clearer focus. It made sense from that viewpoint and was required by their circumstances. It is likely that any other behavior would have been irresponsible for them. The important factor here is for you to deal with any learned workholic tendencies of your own and to keep them in check.

When clients financially under perform their talents, there are common and predictable issues at the basis of this. None of it is shameful and all of it is reversible. You can increase your income. You can become a person whose income matches your talent. You can thrive financially and enjoy the style of living you've always desired. Move through these obstacles and live like you want.

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Suzi Elton is a success coach working with highly creative types to create income that matches their talent. She has coached hundreds of clients to approach their goals strategically through tiny steps to bring about quantum leaps. Get free Life Purpose exercises, at

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