Green Iguana Taming & Training

by Ian Dawson - Date: 2007-04-04 - Word Count: 446 Share This!

If you are considering getting an iguana for a pet there is a very large bit of literature and information that you should carefully study before deciding if an iguana is the right pet for you. Green iguana taming is but one of the relatively small issues in the way of owning and caring for iguanas, as they are a high maintenance pet to keep and can life for quite some time. There are also other considerations when deciding on an iguana and that includes green iguana taming as many iguanas display high levels of aggression in captivity. With this bit of information you will be able to form a better understanding of what the tasks are involved with having this pet and learning the fine points of green iguana taming.

Understanding Green Iguana Taming

The very first thing that is imperative for you to realize is that iguanas are a reptile and are very wild by nature. These creatures have only just begun in recent decades to be an in-home pet and often green iguana taming is very difficult for this reason. When you decide to own an iguana and bring it home it is going to show you aggression because it is scared and you may be inadvertently creating a worse situation by not understanding what the iguana perceives as a threat. These are necessary things to learn about your iguana because green iguana taming can be tricky and the iguana will never get over his aggression if you do not learn how to properly act and approach the iguana.

Green iguana taming can be a very long process because the reptile isn't as easily warmed up to as other mammal like pets that you may have had in the past. The iguana will display high levels of aggression if you aren't handling him properly and this seems to be the number one reason for iguana aggression is either due to the fact that the iguana is not handled properly or when green iguana taming, you don't spend enough time with the pet on a daily basis. When you are researching how to properly perform green iguana taming be sure that you pay particular attention to how to approach your iguana also because trying to grab your iguana from the back will instinctively trigger defense mechanisms within the iguana and he will react negatively.

Another very important issue in green iguana taming is that you never grab your iguana by its tail because it will break right off in your hand. An iguana doesn't have many defense mechanisms and the tail breaking off, is one of the defenses they have to protect themselves from predators in the wild.

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