Dishnetwork Is Better Than Other Television Service Providers

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With over 12 million subscribers and a ranking of number one in customer satisfaction from JD Power and Associates, Dish Network has plenty of accolades to it's name, but what really makes it so much better than other television service providers? It's actually a lot of things. No one else offers more choices when it comes to television programming. No one else offers better values. And no one else offers better technology.

When it comes to programming choices, Dish Network is obviously on top. After all, no one else offers so many entertainment packages or as much flexibility in the programming you can subscribe to. For example, Dish Family is Dish Network's economy package with forty channels. Just because this package is small, that doesn't mean the quality is inferior. Among the forty channels feature in Dish Family are favorites like the Hallmark Movie channel, Angle One, C-SPAN, Animal Planet, the Food Network, and Nick Toons.

Although Dish Family is a great value, most people will want the increased number of choices that come with one of Dish Network's America's Top Entertainment Packages. The entry level plan, America's Top 60 Entertainment Package, comes with 60 channels including the Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon east and west, VH1, Arts & Entertainment, The History Channel, TBN, the Beauty & Fashion Channel, MTV, and Stuff TV. America's Top 120 Entertainment Package takes America's Top 60 and doubles it with Turner Classic Movies, BBC America, FX, Telefutura, American Movie Classics, the Independent Film Channel, Toon Disney, Discovery Health, Lifetime Movie Network, and PAX TV to name just a few. 60 more channels like Wisdom Television, Discovery Wings, The Movie Channel Extra, VH1 Classic, Boomerang, Great American Country, and SoapNet are added to make America's Top 180 Entertainment Package. America's Everything Pak adds four separate movie packages from Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and Starz!, making it a favorite of movie buffs everywhere.

The real flexibility of Dish Network's programming comes from the ability to add lots of extra programming to customize the plan that's right for you. For the die hard sports fan, Seasonal Sports Subscriptions and Regional Sports Networks are great choices. Local channels can keep you up to date with what's going on in your community, and SIRIUS satellite radio gives you something to listen to when you can't stare at a screen.

For international programming, Dish Network is definitely the service provider of choice. Dishnetwork can bring you programming in 19 different languages including Chinese, French, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, and Japanese.

Dish Network also brings you all of the cutting edge technology you need to get the most out of your service. For example, the Electronic Program Guide shows you all of the programming available to you up to days in advance. Parental Control Locks can give you peace of mind by limiting what your kids can watch when you're not in the room, and favorites lists let family members assemble profiles of their favorite channels.

Great hardware technologies like Digital Video Recorders can make television much more enjoyable. A Dishnetwork DVR lets you record one program while watching another or record two at once when you're not around. This lets you watch them when you want, and may just be a relationship saver in a household with only one television.

No matter what your television needs are, it makes sense to go with Dish Network because when it comes to meeting people's needs Dishnetwork is a winner. This is the end of your search for the best Satellite TV deal.

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