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Having not only a Wedding Video but a Hollywood style Wedding Video is a once in a lifetime event. Just simply taking photographs is not really enough for such a special day. To better preserve these memories, to share them with you friends, family, and kids and to just simply relive the moments, Wedding Videography is the best choice. Wedding Video productions capture your Wedding Ceremony in all its beauty. It captures the Reception and some of those wonderful tender moments of affection and sentiment between the bride and the groom and their family members in a completely low profile manner for your posterity for years to come. Video records all of this in so much detail, your Wedding day could never be forgotten for generations to come. It helps remember the wedding vows, the exchange of rings, the laughter, the crying, the vows, the dancing, and even the pastors beautiful words at the ceremony.

Now that you know what Wedding Videography is all about and what it can do for you at your Wedding, there is also some suggestions to and ideas of what are my two favorite typical types of Brides.

First, the Classical Bride. These Brides really like the sleeved dressed. Modesty is usually their favorite attire, along with black tuxes for the groom and simple white lilies for the flowers, unless they are really feeling crazy.. then a bushel of beautiful romantic red roses. A simple sparkly white three-tier cake is usually the cake of choice being the most most radiant in the arms of tradition. As such, you'll want a formal cinematic video, overflowing with classic scene. Example, you walking down the aisle with your Father of significant family member on your arms, giving away of the Bride, the vow exchange at the Wedding Ceremony. Then on to the Reception with your first dance and all of the other timeless moments you'll cherish like the cake cutting and bouquet and garter toss. A Videographer who excels in the cinematic and directed technique and providing traditional coverage is the best match for you. That type of Wedding Videographer will make sure you don't miss out on any "must-have" shots, and that your entire Wedding love story is told like a beautiful love story on the TV screen. An expert Videographer who is trained in the cinematic style will do their best to direct or mini-scenes with the Wedding party group without being in their face or like an obnoxious movie director. Please make sure to discuss with your Wedding Videographer before the Wedding that is you would prefer for these scenes to be more funny and entertaining, or if you'd prefer a more elegant take on the whole event. Also make sure when choosing a Wedding Videographer that you watch their demos on their website and make sure you like them.

Now what do we do with you Rebel Brides? First I must say, Rebels are usually my favorite. Not always, sometimes I like my Classical Brides because the Videos just turn out beautiful. However, Rebels are usually a lot more fun, always wanting to be artistic. Never one to follow rules, your style is a direct reflection of your untraditional lifestyle. So saying that, when it comes to Wedding Videography, the same thinking applies. Us Videographers see you Rebel Brides opting for that "edgier" Videography style, where every funky and unique thing you do on your special day will be captured candidly, truthfully, and to say the least, very artfully. Your Wedding Videographer must know that they are dealing with Rebel Bride so they know to let their creative juices flow. So be a doll, and let them know! Videographers love to hear you are a "Rebel" bride. Enjoy preparing for your Wedding!

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