New Eyewitness Saw Several Men In The Tunnel Moments Before The Crash That killed Princess Diana!

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After dining at the Ritz Hotel Dodi's and Princess Diana's intention was to head back to Dodi's flat located at Rue Arsene-Houssaye. The shortest and quickest way to get there would have been to turn onto the Place de la Concorde and then make their way along the Avenue de Champ Elysees. But for some reason they didn't take this most obvious of routes but took the one that lead the Mercedes through the Point d'Alma tunnel...why was that?

A Trap Is Set And Sprung!

(It should be noted that some of the witnesses' surnames are not available because of the very real fear they had at the time that they would meet an untimely death!)

Thierry H: He saw a car blocking the exit that would have allowed Princess Diana's Mercedes to take the Place de la Concorde and thus avoid the tunnel at Point d'Alma. The car had several men and Thierry's assumption at the time was that those men were paparazzi (but were they really?).

Brenda Wells: The secretary from London who "reportedly went missing" following her statement to the French police. She told them that on her way home from a party with friends, she was forced off the road by a large and powerful motorbike ridden by two individuals as she approached the tunnel. The motorbike was tailing Princess Diana's limo at high speed, in conjunction with another smaller car (Fiat Uno? Although her account describes this car as dark colored). In her own words: "After a party with my friends, I was returning to my home. A motorbike with two men forced me off the road. It was following a big car. Afterwards in the tunnel there were very strong lights like flashes. After that, a black car arrived. The big car had come off the road. I stopped and five or six motorbikes arrived and started taking photographs."

The whereabouts of Brenda Wells are currently unknown but what is known is that soon after giving her statement to the French Police and after both she and her husband were warned to go into hiding and never speak about what they had witnessed...PHUT! Just like that she vanished...fell off the face of the earth!

Francoise & Valerie Levistre: Since they were driving in front of the Diana Mercedes they were strategically located to bear close witness to what exactly happened in the tunnel. The following account was recorded by Reuters on September 4th, 1997 from their home in Normandy France:

"I said to my wife that there must be a big shot behind us with a police escort. Then I went down into the tunnel and, again in my rearview mirror I saw the car in the middle of the tunnel with the motorcycle on its left, pulling ahead and then swerving to the right directly in front of the the motorcycle swerved and before the car lost control, there was a flash of light but then I was out of the tunnel and, but did not see the impact...I immediately pulled my car over to the curb but my wife said 'Let's get out of here. It's a terror attack.'" (Reuters, Paris, Sourced from Internet 4/9/97).

Levistre also described the motorbike as being ridden by two individuals.

Gaelle L: Gaelle and her boyfriend Benoit were approaching the tunnel from the opposite direction in the opposing lane on the other side of the tunnel. Here's her account: "As we entered the Alma tunnel, we heard a loud noise of screeching tires. At that moment, in the opposite lane, we saw a large car approaching at high speed. The car swerved to the left, then went back to the right and crashed into the wall with its horn blaring. I should note that in front of this car, there was another smaller car. I think this vehicle was black, but I'm not sure. Behind the big car there was a large motorcycle. I can't be sure how many riders were on it."

Witness Saw Fiat Uno Driver Cause Crash That Killed Princess Diana!

Souad Mouffakir: Far too terrified in1997 to truthfully report what she (and her husband of the time) witnessed in the tunnel, six years after the crash, Souad recanted her earlier testimony with the following damning account! She stated, quite understandably, that she'd remained silent for six years about what she witnessed because she'd feared for her life. Her story was narrated to The People (note no money changed hands for the story).

Souad Mouffakir claims that she and her husband (Mohamed Medjahdi) were in a car that was traveling right in front of Princess Diana's Mercedes in the tunnel on the night of August 31, 1997. Through the rear window she noticed a Fiat Uno approaching them very rapidly, but rather than overtake them it slowed down so that both cars were parallel.

As Souad put it, "It was very strange behavior and I got frightened. The white car was only centimeters from ours. I stared over to the driver and I will never forget him." She then continues to describe how the man's demeanor and manner appeared very strange as if his thoughts were far...far away. She describes the man as being of Mediterranean descent and that she surmised he was short because his head barely cleared the steering wheel. In the back seat of the car sat what she described as a huge Alsatian.

She continues, "I became very scared, I thought he was a madman and I told Mohamed to speed away. We did that and a moment later we heard the screech of tyres. I looked round and saw a black Mercedes sliding out of control at 45 degrees, coming straight at us. I saw the car impact into the pillar. I did not realize that I had just seen the crash that killed Diana. I saw the chauffeur thrown forward in to the steering wheel. I knew he had been killed immediately."

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