Fashion Mistakes - 10 Looks to Avoid!

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2006-11-30 - Word Count: 566 Share This!

There are many fashion mistakes women make and here we have picked out 10 of the most common ones.

Many people make these mistakes as they try to hard, or want to make sure they are wearing the latest fashions or styles regardless of whether they suit them or not.

Fact is, anyone can present a stylish fashionable look. There are styles and fashions out there to suit everyone.

10 common fashion mistakes

1. Your clothes don't fit correctly.

Wearing baggy clothes will add weight to anyone. Clothes that are too small accentuate bulges and can make you look ridiculous.

Don't buy anything thinking that it will be "just right" if you lose weight. Buy for the present and in relation to your clothes size now.

2. Wearing wrinkled clothes.

A great suit or dress won't do you any favors unless it's wrinkle-free. Avoid this fashion mistake and buy clothes that are easy to care for and don't wrinkle easily.

3. Fashion trends that don't suit you.

Don't try to follow trends that don't suit you. Keep in mind your figure and age and only wear what looks good on you.

There is nothing worse than seeing someone follow fashion for the sake of it. Face reality, if short skirts are in and you haven't got the legs for it don't do it!

There are plenty of fashionable looks out there and it's a question of finding the ones that are best for you.

4. Showing bra & panty lines.

Wear proper fitting undergarments under your clothing. If they do fit you correctly and you can still see lines, then your clothing is too tight. If you are dress size 14 except it and don't try and squeeze into a 10.

5. Wearing skirts that are to short.

Avoid this fashion mistake at all costs. Keep your bra straps properly adjusted so they're not hanging out. If your jeans and trousers are low-rise, your panties should be too. Don't wear a skirt or dress that is too short. Make sure you can sit, walk and dance without exposing undergarments. There's a huge difference between looking sexy and tacky!

7. Wearing too many Colors.

A common fashion mistake is using to many colors. As a general rule wear up to three colors only, for a easy on the eye coordinated look.

8. Wearing too many prints.

Don't try to mix and match prints or you'll create a look that's far too busy. Patterns don't look good on everyone. If you're one of those people that look good in just about anything, choose a pattern on the top or bottom, but not both.

9. Using the wrong accessories.

Finish off with accessories that match your style and don't over do it.

For example with necklaces choose the correct length. For example, short chains and chokers tend to make your neck appear larger. If you are going out in evening wear make sure your handbag is sleek, small and coordinated, a big slouchy bag will totally ruin the look.

10. Clothing & Shoes Should Match.

Keep your clothing and shoes in the same color unless using black which goes with anything. Don't ever make the mistake of mismatching light and dark colors i.e. dark clothes and light shoes and vice versa.

These fashion mistakes tend to come from people not accepting their body type and wearing the latest fashion because its popular.

To look your best, always be true to yourself and you will present a stylish confident look that will create the right impression for all occasions.

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