Poor Pitiful Graves, I Think of You Often

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 399 Share This!

A poem about regret and sadness.

Sometimes we look back and realize we did not know someone at all, or is it that we did not know our own selves? Every experience or friendship we have had, has a lesson we can take to heart and find wellness in our future.

"Poor Pitiful Graves, I Think of You Often"

I think of you often
all those days
all those thoughts we shared
never being truthful
yet holding the banner.

I ran
you stood as still
as always.

I think of you often.

I wonder how it feels to breath inside of you.
I wonder if you can.
My sadness for you
meets circles that go round.
I am haunted
by the circumstance of you

I weep.
I hold all of your memories
approach them with the dignity
that I know
you wish was there.

I do not defend you
I can't
but I understand.
Your chains of convictions
so undaunted
I understand it.

All those bloody crosses.
I finally ran.
I hear you continue to gather them
dress them up
still pointing out the way
as best you can.
I think of you often
and wonder
how do you breath behind closed doors?
Can you?
Do you?

All those days
babes in arms
rules set in place.
I took yours as best I could.
I thought you knew
were wise
had an understanding
I was wrong.

Ah that book of rules
what path did it uncover?
What happened?

I am first to point out frailties
my own.
Your's so hard to miss
I mourn for you.
I am not sure you could see
even today
that all the flowers
have dried up
being left helpless
on those well thought of graves.

I think of you
words askew I weep for you.

I think of you often
everything being perfect
no longer in rows
no longer under control
all the pieces
pointing their fingers at you.
I guess in my heart
even I do.

I think of that day
I came to celebrate with you
just you and I.
A day so sad we barely found words.
You found fragments of memories
we cherished the good we could find
we drank tea
found sweetness
beyond what others might understand.

I think of you often.

I do not miss you though
too much condemnation.
I would not want to visit those graves
poor pitiful graves
that should not have been.
You know that right?

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Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Fantasy Art Woman

I am a figurative artist and illustrator living in Hawaii. Most of my work is painted in oils. I also do sculpture. I illustrated for Hay House Inc.,"Women Who Do Too Much" CARDS taken from Anne Wilson Schaef's book. I also illustrated for Neil Davidson, who was considered for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, and several other publications. My paintings are collected worldwide.

In every single one of my paintings my objective is to 'know them'. To let character reveal their own vision or message. I am often astounded as their presence unfolds and I am met with who they are. I then realize that who 'they' are defines me as well. My hope is that my paintings & sculptures relate to you, and that legends of mermaids; whimsical angel pictures; and tooth fairies fantasies give you the message you need for your own heart and soul. http://www.kathysart.com and http://kathysart.blogspot.com

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