Little Known Facts About Why Home Based Businesses Fail

by Iman Ashour - Date: 2007-05-28 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

So you want to be a self made millionaire and you have started a home based business with a company but somewhere along the hype line you have lost your way.

Where is that we as home based business owners go wrong? And why do they give up so easily thinking it is not worth it? Why is the dream of becoming a self employed millionaire easily thrown away and believed to be a false expectation and unreachable realization.

A cause can never create a result greater than itself. If you simply have a dream or a vision of becoming a millionaire, you need to ask yourself this; have you applied the faith and used the proper methods on a constant manner to deliver the results you expect.

Now think of the following statement. You would not let your children or loved ones starve or go without cloths, but you are more than likely to that to your business. We as home based business owners go days or even weeks and months starving our businesses and then wonder what we are doing wrong and why it's not working for us.

If your goal is to make a million then place targets that will help you fulfill that goal. Most of us have no clue how to become self made millionaires and thus we have no clue how to go about doing that. So, we join a home based business thinking that we don't need to do much and end up starving it and start losing money as opposed to generating it and blame our surroundings for our inability to work in harmony with the natural and economic laws then something is wrong in our belief system that requires correction and reprogramming.

Below I will list some of the common yet unrecognized factors that lead to home businesses belly flops. Ask yourself the following question; Are you cashing in every day because of fear, and are you selling yourself short? More than likely the answer will be a hesitant yes. Lack of specific knowledgeable action inspires the emotion of fear and what we end up attracting is what we should have expected.

We as a species wear a winter coat of lack, fear and failure. so Remove , conker and detach your fears for everything you need, want and desire and they will become your reality in physical manifestation. Learn to target your focus and focus on your target, and follow one course until successful. The next piece of advice is to take the time to take the time and learn to execute the little things.

Remember; Anyone who says the price of security is worth the cost of liberty should have neither!-Ben Franklyn-
If you believe that by staying in a job, especially one you dislike, for the pure feeling of securing a title and a pay check is worth the cost of personal freedom and liberty then you deserve neither.

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